Crusader Sterling SMG: Place Your Order.

Those of you that said you wanted a Sterling.  We are doing a limited run of these guns as these are a side project.   Because of this these guns must be pre-paid.  Price is $639.99 each.

These are Semi-Auto Only, 9mm, Slipstream Treated internals, Duracoat finished.  A perfect vehicle to SBR and/or suppress.

To Place Your Order. Contact Joe at Crusader Weaponry to send your payment for the gun and specify your Color.   Flat Black, Olive Drab, or Coyote Brown. (some parts will be black and/or Slipstreamed Grey)
Check your State Laws to see if these are legal.  They are classified as 9mm Rifles.

For some more information on the Sterling, I offer a link to this informational video.   To show you what these things originally were capable of, I will show you this video… but please note – we are only selling semi auto only versions with 16 inch barrels… not actual Submachineguns as shown below:

36 thoughts on “Crusader Sterling SMG: Place Your Order.”

  1. Once you place your order, sound off here! So I can note your number. 1 of X, 2 of X, 3 of X. X being however many we do… but it’s going to be a small number and these guns will be pretty exclusive. Because after we are done – we are done.
    Joe isn’t doing these alone… I’m getting my hands dirty on these Sterlings.
    Ogre Built SMG’s. Ogre Blood however, is an extra charge…

      1. Actually I can’t wait to see this one. A pink Sterling. There will be pictures of that one. If she get’s this one you have to send us pictures of her with it. I will put those up on our front page. That’s just too good.

        You know the bad guy’s a wimp when he gets hosed down with a pink gun. Love it.

  2. Guys, we have 3 confirmed orders placed already. (Make that 4, because I’m having one too!)
    This is outstanding. I am excited. Dang, I wish everyone that gets one can all come out for an SMG training course and a group photo! Crusader Commandos!

    1. Yes, closed bolt. These are semi-auto only. And because of the closed bolt firing – much more accurate than original Sterlings.

  3. Does the price include shipping to my FFL? Also, will they come with the rail for mounting an optic? Finally, are checks ok for payment?

    1. No, shipping is a bit extra, but not a whole lot because these are kinda small and light.
      No, they don’t come with a rail, but a rail is pretty easy to have installed. Also, the Vortex SPARC would be really slick on there.
      A check will be fine, Joe can do that.

  4. E-mail sent, I’ll send payment as soon as I know what method is preferred. I went for black, but I might end up repainting it later on.

    Good timing too, I just got paid. 🙂

  5. Just saw this thread — email sent to the GunDoc for payment info! I opted for black since I can’t wrap my brain around what a sterling would look like in olive drab.

  6. Guys, I’m going to make one announcement here instead of telling everyone the same thing individually. It’s getting nuts…awesome.

    We’ll take check or money order for payment made out to Crusader Weaponry. Please send it to:
    Crusader Weaponry
    5323 Baker st
    Murray, UT 84107

    Also, if you would please have your FFL of choice email their FFL over to me at so we can be ready for shipment as soon as the guns are done I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks everyone.

  7. Requested one. Good ole black although coyote brown kinda intrigued me. Does the check have to be there by Saturday because I don’t think the mail moves that fast?

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