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Lesson Learned…

The Barrett M82A1’s rail has a built in 20MOA can’t built in.   This was known.

The Nikon M223 Mount has a 20MOA cant built in.  This was NOT known.  (It’s not on the packaging anywhere, but it is on the website)

As it turns out, 40MOA of incline doesn’t work.  Unless you want to be 5 feet high at 500 yards with the scope adjusted to it’s full range of movement… yeah… that’s not good.

Speaking of Nikon…

Nikon has a great scope for a .223 rifle, such as your AR-15.  They call it the “M-223”.  It’s slick and easy to use.   It’s actually one of my favorite optics for any longer barreled AR build (Think Crusader Templar) or Varminter configuration.

What does Nikon have for AR-10/SR-25/Broadsword?  Nothing so much… Right now for a Broadsword I’m thinking a PFI RR800.

What Nikon needs to do is a .308 specific scope, much like the M-223… but with an illuminated reticle.