6 thoughts on “Thank you Nikon!”

  1. What kind of lappy’s you lookin’ at?

    i5 or i7 Windows 7/Linux partition, or you going with a Mac Book Pro and partition for OSX & Windows?

    1. As much lappy as I can get. I’d like an i7 machine, Mac. If not Mac, I’ll roll Windows. Reason being is video editing. Mac has a good one, but for windows it’s all about Sony Vegas. Linux doesn’t have one that I like.

      1. Don’t overlook the i7 Mac “refurbished” which could save you a couple hundred bucks. They come with full warrantee. Co-worker just got one and partitions 300MB OSX/200 MB Windows 7. Mac for video, graphics, Win7 for business and gaming…emphasis on the gaming, most of which he does online @ Steam, same as my son, who just got his Vostro 1500 Core 2 Duo replaced by Dell under warrantee with a refurbished Vostro 3500 i3 and three times the RAM and 3 times the video RAM. This i3 is an order of magnitude better then the Core 2 duo system and he is running graphics on maximum settings. Refurbished anything saves you $$$ and comes with a full warrantee. Something to think about.

        Go with as much RAM as you can stand. Everyone I know who is getting the new notebooks are rolling with 8GB. 4 is enough, but 8 is the way to go.

        While I’m liking the SSHDD too, I don’t think your are getting enough storage yet to justify the cost but man, I sure do love the “instant on” I’m seeing with the consultants who can afford them. Fast as all hell for just powering up…like the Mac Air (My child support attorney had one).

        I’m going to muddle along with my Vostro 1700 until the SSHDD’s drop in price then probably just get an i3 or i5 with a huge graphics card as I haven’t gamed for years. I like to watch my son game. The action is so bloody fast, I can’t tell what is happening. Blows my mind.

        Be sure to post a review of your new rig when you get it in the spring after you Ogre torture test it, and good luck selling the Rifle/Scope combo.

        I’d love to see a review on that X-Bolt after you zero and fine tune it as well.

        Fun stuff ahead and I’m happy for ya.

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