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19 years ago my beloved Bride went to ProArms on in SLC (how many guys remember that awesome cop-shop?) and purchased all my police gear so I could go to the Police Academy at Colorado Northwestern.

One of the things she picked up was a gun belt by Ted Blocker.  I’ve worn that belt damn near every day ever since I got it.   The same belt.

At SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Lucas Adams of Adams Holsters fame, bestowed upon me a new belt.  A sharkhide belt to match my Glock 23 holster… in sharkhide.  The belt is of heavy construction with regular leather, a Kydex reinforcement, and covered in Sharkhide.  This belt looks like a dress belt, but is built for heavy duty use.

The rig still looks this good. It looks even better with my gun in it.

I’ve been wearing it for awhile now, and it still looks brand new.  In fact, my Glock 23 Sharkhide holster also looks brand new.  Still, after almost constant wear for a year now.  Not “Like New”… no… it looks Brand New.  Sharkhide is amazing.  It’s wear properties are supernatural.  Unfortunately is very labor intensive for Luke to work on… it’s excessively tough stuff.  But it is probably the very best stuff for Leather Gear.

I think I can retire my Ted Blocker belt now.  After 19 years.

Understand something about Adams Holsters… It’s a one man operation and Luke is making each and every thing the old fashioned way.  By hand.  It’s a labor intensive process.  As a result, his lead times are getting longer as his Holsters are gaining popularity.  Trust me when I say that your patience will be rewarded.  Sure, you can go buy a mass produced leather rig from one of the “big names”… so your leather rig is like a bazillion others… or your can have something unique and hand made by a guy that has a passion for the second amendment and the right to carry.  Adams Holsters is worthy of your support.

4 thoughts on “New Belt”

  1. They grow them pretty big;) When in doubt I can always add a seem on the belt out of the way but generally they are big enough for most projects;)

    Thanks for the compliments George, it’s guys appreciating the holsters and gear that makes me really enjoy my job!

    Take care!


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