Speaking of Nikon…

Nikon has a great scope for a .223 rifle, such as your AR-15.  They call it the “M-223”.  It’s slick and easy to use.   It’s actually one of my favorite optics for any longer barreled AR build (Think Crusader Templar) or Varminter configuration.

What does Nikon have for AR-10/SR-25/Broadsword?  Nothing so much… Right now for a Broadsword I’m thinking a PFI RR800.

What Nikon needs to do is a .308 specific scope, much like the M-223… but with an illuminated reticle.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Nikon…”

  1. I was actually looking at a Nikon M-223 for my SPR that I built (I had to custom-build a rifle around my M4-2000 suppressor) to take advantage of the Noveske Recon barrel to reach out to 500yds but I actually went with the BSA Tactical 6-24×44 mil-dot scope. It has an etched reticle and a 30mm tube with a side focus…but better yet Midway is blowing them out for a 100.00 off! http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/default.aspx?productNumber=962234 I only had 1 range session with it mounted with a LaRue QD cantilever mount but it passed the box test and has a very generous eye relief and surprisingly bright optics. WELL worth the price to just even give it a check out. One of the best impulse buys for me in a long time.

      1. I really researched this model and the majority of owners say that it’s a pretty good scope…but how much do you expect for an optic in this price range? The Nikon is another “budget” optic. I don’t need illumniated reticles or any do-dads on a scope. The only “missions” that I go on is at the most popping LaRue sniper targets on the 300yd range after the pistol match. I’ve done the box test and it came right back to zero @ 100yds, the eye relief is more than generous and the glass is pretty bright. I’ve seen worse on 500.00 optics, and I picked this one up for 150. If it craps out on me then I’m not really out much, but so far so good.

  2. Looks a lot like the Monarch African 1-4x that I just put on my Grendel. Without the gold lettering and German recital of course.

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