Crusader Sterlings

I am very pleased with how well these Crusader Sterlings have done.    This project is going to be a lot of fun and I’ll be working on these things personally, along side GunDoctor.  I am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty and taking a photo amongst a bunch of SMG’s.

I might have to change the name of the Blog to The Happy Ogre.

6 thoughts on “Crusader Sterlings”

  1. But ogres are only happy when they’re mad…

    Y’all got this moving too quick. I thought it was a “someday in the future” thing – not sure if I can get things shuffled around quickly enough to afford one, at this moment.

    But I’ll second the other comments that doing some small runs like this is awesome. A grease gun would definitely be an excellent idea…

    1. Joe, I tell you what… talk to Joe, and maybe he’ll take a deposit and hold one for you until you can get it.

      1. Thanks, but I’d have to sell some things to free that up. Working on a big project, and all my spare cash is tied up in materials, until I get the thing done and get paid.

        I mentioned it to a few friends, so maybe one of them will decide to buy an extra and re-sell it at some point in the future. Or y’all will do something even more interesting – Sterlings are cool, but there are a few other classics that might be even cooler.

  2. Left a message for Joe on his voice mail.

    Yes I want one.

    I’ll worry about a suppressor conversion later. Maybe when I move out of WA ( suppressors are legal to own, but unlawful to actually use ).

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