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Oleg and a Broadsword

Oleg Volk has been sent one of our Broadsword rifles, the same one that Rob Pincus as just tested.  Yes, the Broadsword really does look that cool.    In fact, it can be cooler yet, because we can do your Broadsword in whatever colors you want.  Coyote Tan.  Flat Dark Earth.  Murder Black.  Our Signature Gray.  Ogre Green.  Whatever you want.

The Broadsword rifle from Crusader Weaponry.  A 762 that shoots like a 556.  Rugged, reliable, and deadly accurate.  This is the best 762 AR type weapon on the planet, bar none.  If you buy anything else, you have made a mistake.

In the picture is the Broadsword wearing Diamondhead sights and an Elcan optic which are not included, but one could consider them “Serving Suggestions”.  I would suggest these highly, as I would also suggest perhaps a 6x ACOG.

The One Rifle.

On YouTube I watched a video by a fellow named James Yeager about how there is no such thing as One Rifle for everything.  He calls it a myth. 
I call Bullshit on that.
History is full of instances where a man has just one rifle and did everything with it, just fine.  Survived to tell the tale.  James Yeager is free to express his own opinions, but he is not free to his own Facts.  US History, be it Frontier History, Western Expansion, Wild West, Military History… what ever kind of history you want to call it.  Only in our Modern Email Era do we enjoy having more than one rifle for different purposes. 
In this Modern Era, the late Colonel Jeff Cooper considered a One Rifle concept and called it the “Scout”.  His Scout Rifle Concept is a proven winner.  Steyr manufactured their Scout with Jeff’s blessing and assistance.  And it pretty much did what was promised.  Now Ruger and Savage are making Factory Scout Rifles with pretty good success.
Any one of these would make for a fine “One Rifle” solution. 
Historically, the One Rifle has been a Winchester Lever Action in .30-30, .32 Special or the like.  Today a good solid and smooth cycling Lever Action is truly a thing of joy.  There are few things you can’t do with a .30-30.  I’ve even killed an Elk with one at 200 yards, and I’m sure I’m not the only person in history to have done so.
Today’s Rifleman though is packing an AR.  The Black Rifle has gone mainstream… and for many new shooters, the AR is The One.  The AR-15 might be kind of light for a One Rifle, but an AR-10 type rifle gives you some considerable advantages in terminal performance on big game.
After some consideration, I’m thinking a new One Rifle is more than doable.    Let’s do that AR platform in .308.  Let’s hit it with a light weight, 16″ True Polygonal Rifled Barrel, and let’s give it some lightweight furniture with an adjustable stock.   Simple, Clean, and effective in most any situation.  Give it an adjustable 1-4 power optic.  Give it a tough finish, resistant to abrasion and corrosion. 
Contact CrusaderWeaponry.com to order you a Crusader One Rifle.

What’s new at Crusader Weaponry

This weekend I went to Crusader Weaponry HQ.

We have a lot going on right now, but not too much.  Joe has a little bit of Free Time on his hands.  Let’s take that away from him!  We need him busy!  And I have a plan for that… more on that in a moment.

One of the things we are doing is a Limited Edition Armed American Radio Signature Rifle we’re calling the AAR-15.

If you want one of these badboys, contact Mark at Armed American Radio, I have a link over there on the right hand side bar.

The Longbow… Stan of The Gun Dudes has one of these rifles, here’s the latest one wearing a custom camo Cerakote finish.

We still have a custom Glock, in a package we call the Reaper.  This is a tweaked Glock 22.  I’ve checked out this pistol and it’s fantastic.  The trigger pull is right where I like it, you feel some take up on the spring and then the trigger stages for a super crisp break.  It breaks clean and you don’t see any twitch on that front sight post.  This is what you want.  Night sights, Grip Force Adapter, giving it some Beaver Tail… this is a Mod made popular by Todd G at Pistol-Training.com.  I like it.  The Slide is Cerakoted in a light grey color that really stands out.  Looks fantastic, like a brushed/satin stainless kinda.

The price on this Glock is 699.99, and I’m going to throw in a Crusader Jacket for you. I only have a couple sizes, so I hope you are not picky or XXL or bigger.
Okay, now here is my favorite – if I can have only one – gun. The 870. Crusader’s Wrath Shotgun is one I’d put up against every other pump action on the market – and most Semi’s as well. I’m proud of these guns and believe them to be the ultimate expression of what a Pump Action is capable of.

Normally these shotguns are 799… We have one, in a dark OD Green, on sale for 749.99. This one gets a free Crusader Jacket as well as a Training Voucher to go with it for the guy that buys it!

And then is our Flagship Rifle, the Broadsword. This one is our Media Relations Demo gun. We can build you one too. Just contact us at CrusaderWeaponry.com.

The Crusader Broadsword

You can buy one outright, or use Crusader's installment plan to pay for it as you can.

This rifle is going out to some of the gun magazines for review.  .308, Elcan optic, Diamond Head sights, Apex handguard, Battlecomp brake, Magpul grip and stock… fully Slipstreamed and slick as hell.
Precision accuracy and battle ready reliability in one gun.  CrusaderWeaponry.com.

Don’t fight fair. Order your own Broadsword today!

Wanna see our latest?

In this video I show you our latest Broadsword rifle… and give you a peak at our newest gun, the Longbow.  The Longbow is optimized for just what it sounds like… long range shooting with a .308 platform.

Yes, it’s just a .308.  But the owner of that rifle, took it out and got a .4 MOA group at 600 yards.  That’s staggeringly good accuracy.  If you want a bigger caliber just to be cool, please note that the cost of your ammunition will go up dramatically unless you are a reloader.   .308 might not be an ultramag by any means, but it is affordable to shoot.

A customer’s Crusader Broadsword

You’ve seen this photo posted before here… now there is the customer’s review.

Read it here.

We have been increasingly concerned about the Duracoat finishes.  The problem is that Duracoat can take up to 8 weeks to fully cure.  After that time, the finish is very strong, very tough… but until it’s fully cured and hardened, the finish can be easily marred.  This doesn’t reflect on Duracoat to people looking at the gun, it reflects on Crusader Weaponry and we don’t like that.  No one wants a gun that is going to take 2 months before they can go out and get rough with it.  That’s just not working for us.  We are considering dropping Duracoat and going exclusively with Cerakote.  Cerakote is a bit more expensive, but it cures very quickly, days not weeks, and it gives a much stronger finish.  The down side is that it doesn’t offer the wide array of colors that Duracoat offers.  I can live with that, but some customers might want something Cerakote can’t do.

Crusader Weaponry is Awesome

These are some of our Broadswords.  SR-25 Type .308 rifles and carbines that give Precision Accuracy with Reliability, these will go toe to toe against rifle systems that cost twice as much… and then spank them.  These guns shoot like you are shooting a 556 weapon… and our 556 weapons shoot so soft you think your shooting a rifle with a .22LR kit in it except they don’t jam.

Our Slipstream is also being used on Robots in the War Zone… it makes every mechanical system it’s applied to run better.

Crusader’s Demo Broadsword .308 Carbine

Crusader Weaponry is almost done with our new Broadsword Carbine Demo Gun.  This gun is for Gun Writer Reviews.  From this point previous, every photo you’ve seen of a Broadsword has been a Customer’s Gun.  We’ve just not had the time and the parts to do a gun for just Demo Purposes.

This gun is going to be going out to the Writers sporting a new optic.  I’ve talked to a few optic companies and they were willing to send us some normal run of the mill optics… which is precisely what we didn’t want.  We wanted something unique.

Kruger Optics stepped up and is sending us a Prototype of their DTS Gen II optic.  Check it out here.  The concept is brilliant and I think it has huge potential.  Now, this unit is a Prototype and not a Production unit, but it should work just fine.  We’re looking forward to checking this thing out.  Just looking at this thing – I want to love it.