Marlin’s looking good again?

We got in a couple new Marlins from the factory.   One of them is a big loop Guide Gun.  Guys, I have to tell you… it looks good.  None of the shoddy fitting like in the past.  None of the shabby wood like in the past.  Everything on it looks and feels good.  Like a Marlin should.  And this isn’t just one shippment.  The last one looked good too, so this isn’t a fluke event.

Now, don’t hold me to it, and don’t hold your breath…. but I’m hopeful that Marlin has fixed their QC issues and is now making good guns again.

Sick of hearing about Weiner’s junk.

I don’t click the links, so I’m not following the story.  But the headlines have pretty much painted a good enough picture I wish I hadn’t seen.  Every time I go to a news site, there is another story about Rep Weiner’s junk.  I’m sick of it.  The DNC, if they had any credibility left, would demand that this guy steps down.  But they’ve not done that.  Because Weiner’s Junk is a puppet show that takes away from attention that could be paid on more important issues.  Such as the Economy.  It’s all about the Economy right now… specifically, how bad it is.  Yet we don’t hear a lot about it on the normal news outlets.  The Democrats are crashing our Economy and instead of getting the reports on that, we’re getting Weiner’s weiner wagged in our faces.    Next election, break out the shears… let’s cut these guys off at the root.

The Democrat lead Administration has driven the US into the ground so far that it’s going to be impossible for us to climb back out of.  We need a drastic change in the USA and luckily such change is still able to happen peacefully.  We still have our votes.   We can still fix this by voting out every Democrat in every office… if we can take back our Government from the Socialists, we can fix our country.

Timbers are Shivered

I have awesome Sisters-In-Laws… One of them is just a force of nature.  She decided to build a Fort for her kiddies to play in.  She can’t do anything half way.   Check this out.

Yeah, that kinda says everything about the family that I married in to.   They kinda force you to Be Awesome just so you can fit in.   So now, if I want to build a Fort too… the bloody thing is going to have to be the USS NIMITZ with a working Cat system.  Hmmmm.


New Laptop!

Okay, I picked up my new HP Laptop running Widows 7.   It’s a Pavilion dm4 with an i5 processor, 4 gigs ram, huge HD with more gigs than I can count.  I like it.  The keyboard layout is good… just like my old one.  But there is one critical difference.   This thing doesn’t have the scroll section on the touch pad.   Not that this is a deal breaker for me… but I am missing it within seconds of using this machine.    I’m also not hugely impressed with Windows 7.   Too many bloody automated “features” keep popping up.  Well, it’s new, so once it learns my preferences it’s going to stop pestering me.   Just a side note, I’m never doing business with Staples again.  Douches.  And I don’t use that word lightly.    

Okay… so I have the new laptop… have to name it.   The last one was “Hordecaster”, the Netbook is “Orcalite”… so maybe “Hordemancer” for this one.  Meaningless frivalties really, the name… but I like naming things. 

New Videos for the MadOgre Channel on YouTube will be coming SOON!

“George, stop jumping on the Nuke.”

The ride out to SLC was fast and the Honda Magna did very well.  Save for one small detail.  I had thought that the seat was just fine.   Unfortunately on an extended ride, the seat becomes a torture worse than water-boarding.   The 100 mile range per tank is more than enough.  Because at about 60 miles, you have to get off that seat and get some blood back into the buttocks.

At Crusader HQ, I dropped off my ATI Commander for some slicking up and for a new finish… Cerakote.  In Battleship Grey.    We got the Grey Cerakote in for our customer, who I still can’t reveal.  But the color is awesome.  After talking with Joe and twisting his arm, he agreed to come with, on a little adventure.    I had  a mission.

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SLC this weekend.

Visiting friends.  Let’s see… Steve, Joe, Mike, Larry… Tom if at all possible and Ben if he’s still around.  I’m planning on being at the B&N book store Saturday afternoon, and hopefully some Buffalo Burgers at the Bohemian Brewery.   This place has the most amazing buffalo burgers I’ve ever eaten.    Probably hit that joint around 7PM, Sat Night.  So come by and hang out!

Deadliest Warrior? Really?

I’m just not buying this “Deadliest Warrior” show.  Pitting the greatest warriors in history against each other… showing the weapons… detailing the strengths… and then drawing the totally wrong conclusions.

Roman Centurion vs. Rajput…. The Centurion was a force of nature.  A man who came up through the ranks of the legion the hard way… by dishing out industrial strength murder at every turn.  And they say he lost to a Whirly bird with a frisbee and a tape measure?  That doesn’t even make sense.

An Apache vs a Gladiator…. The Gladiator lived for single combat, facing his adversary down toe to toe and then ripping his limbs on and force feeding it to him while feeling nothing but the thrill of carnage and roar of the crowds… and they say he lost to a guy who’s main strength was burglary?  Sneaking up on some unsuspecting ranch hand?  That’s laughable.

This show is good entertainment, I’ll give you that.  But even my 3 year old called BS on the show.



Laptop or Rifle?

The Browning X-Bolt .300 WSM showed up.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.  It’s black and sinister, and the Nikon Monarch 3-12 BDC is a perfect match to it.  This is an awesome rifle!  I shouldn’t have looked at it.  I really shouldn’t have looked at it.  I should have taken the box and stood it up in the corner and not looked at it.  Dang it!    Now I wants it, my Precious!

But I need a good laptop.  I have to have it.  I could have all my editing done in no time and I’d be back in to doing videos because I could actually run Sony Vegas again.   Basically, I could get back to work.

But the rifle is so cool.  If Darth Vader was going to go hunting for North American Big Game, this would be the rifle.  It’s Back in Black and all Matte finished with that Duratouch stock which feels awesome… so it radiates Darkness… it’s like the room grows a little darker when you open this up to expose it to air.

I’m banging my head over here…

My name is Ogre, and I’m an addict.

We had a Kimber Desert Warrior that had come in on trade some time ago.  It’s been riding the shelf almost completely untouched for a couple months.   I remember selling the gun to the fellow years ago.   This was before Kimber took they QC Nose Dive.  I examined the gun carefully.  He carried the gun a lot, then let it ride his gun safe a lot.  But he didn’t shoot it very much.  There is only a little finish wear on the frame rails from cycling, which is nothing because we have new guns on the shelf with more.  The breach face still looks new.

My cost on it was real good.   So it went into the back on Layaway.   I’ll take my time getting it payed off… I’m in no rush to take it home.  It still has those weird yellow waffle-like grips.  I hate those things.   Those are going Bye-Bye as soon as I finish the 4473 on it.


Decent BBQ in the Uintah Basin

Smokey D’s BBQ joint right next to Strata in Vernal.  Where the old Polar King used to be.   I went there and had a Pulled Pork Sandwich which was the best I have had in some time.  But that isn’t saying much.  It was good.  Very good, but not Great.  There’s a distinct difference there.  Good BBQ will leave you satisfied and feeling amiable, much like how I felt there with the Smokey D’s BBQ.  I was satisfied.    However, Great BBQ should never leave you feeling like that… it should make you just want to keep eating and not stop until you make yourself sick on juicy BBQ goodness.   It should make you crave it so much that you want to go back only 2 blocks away.  That’s Great BBQ.  Also, the guy that makes the BBQ should look like he could kick your ass if you question his sauce.   Not a couple high school kids on their summer job.  But still, Smokey D’s BBQ was some very good BBQ and I’ll certainly go back.  I sampled pretty much all the meat they had… it was all very good.  In fact, it might be some of the best in the whole state of Utah.  The slow smoked flavor is there.   I can’t say that about the other BBQ place that was across the street… That was some weak stuff.

So if you are in Vernal, Utah and want some BBQ, Smokey D’s is the place.