Laptop or Rifle?

The Browning X-Bolt .300 WSM showed up.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.  It’s black and sinister, and the Nikon Monarch 3-12 BDC is a perfect match to it.  This is an awesome rifle!  I shouldn’t have looked at it.  I really shouldn’t have looked at it.  I should have taken the box and stood it up in the corner and not looked at it.  Dang it!    Now I wants it, my Precious!

But I need a good laptop.  I have to have it.  I could have all my editing done in no time and I’d be back in to doing videos because I could actually run Sony Vegas again.   Basically, I could get back to work.

But the rifle is so cool.  If Darth Vader was going to go hunting for North American Big Game, this would be the rifle.  It’s Back in Black and all Matte finished with that Duratouch stock which feels awesome… so it radiates Darkness… it’s like the room grows a little darker when you open this up to expose it to air.

I’m banging my head over here…

12 thoughts on “Laptop or Rifle?”

  1. Thats easy!


    You can pick up a decent laptop for 3-400 bones these days. Save that for later. GET THE RIFLE

    1. See, that’s the problem… For me, the Laptop, I’d have to buy out of pocket. The rifle and scope, I got for free. I can get guns… it’s other stuff I have a harder time getting.

  2. Think long term here. If you are uploading videos and editing a book that could mean more money in the long run. You could buy the gun or one like it down the road.
    Wait, did I just type that or was I talking to myself?

  3. Get the laptop. The lap top can get you time and money. Time and money can get you a weapon and in some instances a laptop is a weapon. A gun is more of a symbol of power for an individual than it is actual power. I use a desk top but I’d like a lap top. One reason is I saw a rig wear a laptop was hooked up to a camera that could look through a spotting scope or a rifle scope. The using the lap top/spotting scope rig only had to turn move his eyes to see where his rounds had hit on a 600 yard target. So color me green dangit.

  4. Laptop. Hands-down. You’ve got that book you want/need to edit, and take it from me, writing anything longer than a URL or a Facebook status on a netbook’s cramped keyboard is physically painful. Plus, you can upload more YouTube videos, which I guarantee your subscribers are dying for.

    [Jedi Mind Trick]
    You WILL get the laptop.
    [/Jedi Mind Trick0

  5. Ogre, George, buddy…get the laptop and get a damn good one. I, like most here, really enjoy this site and WTA and I want to experience all that you are capable of and the laptop will bring your vision to all of your friends here on the interweb.

  6. Yeah, I’ll get the Laptop… Monday or so I guess… I went to Staples to look at the machines there, and the i7 unit I wanted wasn’t there anymore. They had an i5 machine that was decent, but not one that would be my first choice. I’m wanting an intel i5 or i7 based HP or Dell. No Tosh, Acer, or others… Maybe a Lenovo. If someone has a Powermac willing to trade, I’d do that.

    1. Ogre, I see you say “HP or Dell”, but have you considered Sony Vaio’s? I’ve got an Intel i7 Vaio that is a beast when it comes to processing. Nice big screen for viewing, and in 1080p, too. I’m not looking to get rid of mine, but for what it sounds like you need it for, you might like it too. Just a thought.

      1. After repairing more than a few Sony laptops… I’m just not digging all the proprietary stuff. And they are tough to work on.

  7. I shy away from Staples and their ilk as the staff are not the most knowledgeable and the prices are not good unless there is a sale or you have one of their 20 percent off cards (which usually don’t apply to computers anyway). Consider

    1. You are not kidding. I went in this morning to actually buy the laptop there that I was wanting… but the guy was such a douche I left without it. I’ll go back monday or so when the Manager is there. They have a lot of new laptops coming out soon. I might wait to see what they have coming.
      I’d rather not buy from Staples… but they are the only came in town unless I want to buy from Wal-Mart – and that isn’t happening.

  8. I’ve bought components from Newegg for a pretty good prices but I’m not sure I’d personally feel comfortable buying a computer. I like to go hands on before I do that kind of purchase. Of course if you have already done your hands on research it is a good place to buy from.

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