New Laptop!

Okay, I picked up my new HP Laptop running Widows 7.   It’s a Pavilion dm4 with an i5 processor, 4 gigs ram, huge HD with more gigs than I can count.  I like it.  The keyboard layout is good… just like my old one.  But there is one critical difference.   This thing doesn’t have the scroll section on the touch pad.   Not that this is a deal breaker for me… but I am missing it within seconds of using this machine.    I’m also not hugely impressed with Windows 7.   Too many bloody automated “features” keep popping up.  Well, it’s new, so once it learns my preferences it’s going to stop pestering me.   Just a side note, I’m never doing business with Staples again.  Douches.  And I don’t use that word lightly.    

Okay… so I have the new laptop… have to name it.   The last one was “Hordecaster”, the Netbook is “Orcalite”… so maybe “Hordemancer” for this one.  Meaningless frivalties really, the name… but I like naming things. 

New Videos for the MadOgre Channel on YouTube will be coming SOON!

18 thoughts on “New Laptop!”

  1. Awesomeness! I’m not a fan of laptop touch pads…I would recommend a good mouse to use with your new machine. I have a sweet optical trackball that I use with ours, well until it died on us last week and I’m now using a 7″ touch screen tablet which is hell with “typing” pretty much anything over a sentance or two.

    1. I second the mouse. I’ve got a generic Microsoft Mouse with a scroll wheel for my laptop and rarely use the touchpad.

      Also second not doing business with Staples. The only times I ever shop with them are when I need generic office supplies, and only then because the School Store had a crappy selection combined with prices that bordered on insanity.

      Can’t wait for the new YouTube videos!

  2. George,

    Check out the touchpad settings you may be able to turn the right edge into a scroll. There is also W7 software to automatically cut out the touch pad when a mouse is plugged in if you are into heavy typing.

    Who hasn’t read your first novel and is greedy for a second…

  3. So how do you like the laptop after using it? Very fast? I’m looking to buy a new machine for photo (and later video) editing,so I’m rather interested in a detailed review later if you don’t mind.

    1. You know… I do like it. It is fast, it has a lot of capacity and I like the layout. However, I’m still getting used to the Windows 7. I think I’d rather have XP Pro on it, but I might as well get used to the new OS. If I didn’t need to use Sony Vegas for the video stuff – I’d be running Linux on this thing already.

      1. OK. I’m pretty well used to Windows 7 from our work machines, but it’s good to here that you like that model. I’ve been looking at the Pavilon DM4 series myself and pricing out build options on the HP website (Maxing out the RAM and probably upgrade the processor are the main things I’m looking at “customizing”).

          1. you are right there when it comes to laptops. because it is almost imposble to up grade the CPU or GPU. if you want to edit vidoes and run Linux you might want to look into artisX witch is a modafied Ubuntu distribution. i have herd that some of the software bult into it is on par with some of adobe’s software.
            here is the link to the artisx site.

        1. Windows 7 performs okay and all but it took me a long time to set it up as close to the XP look and feel which I’m use to.

          There are some networking issues I don’t like when hooking up to non-broadcasting SSID wireless LAN’s. But yeah, you will have to migrate to it anyhow.

          Did you go 64 bit?

          Lappy name?

          HoardMasterCaster (HMC)

          HoardCaster 2.0

          HoardCastrator >:^}

  4. try an up and down motion on the right edge of the touch pad. My HP is not marked with a scroll area but it has one.

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