Timbers are Shivered

I have awesome Sisters-In-Laws… One of them is just a force of nature.  She decided to build a Fort for her kiddies to play in.  She can’t do anything half way.   Check this out.

Yeah, that kinda says everything about the family that I married in to.   They kinda force you to Be Awesome just so you can fit in.   So now, if I want to build a Fort too… the bloody thing is going to have to be the USS NIMITZ with a working Cat system.  Hmmmm.


9 thoughts on “Timbers are Shivered”

  1. There are plans available, and companies that make the finished product. You should do a shoe.

  2. Nicely done!

    I want to play on it.


    Needs one of thos mini cannons on the stern deck that sits on a swivel with a looping handle out the back for aiming.

    Drill the bore out to accomidate a removable beer/pop can sleeve with a touch hole on the end to fire potatos at zombie targets…provided she lives far enough away from neighbors.

    Heck, it could be used to shoot fire works too.

    Love it.

    1. Cannons are coming…
      I stopped by on the way home. She was working on it while kids were playing on it. She’s maybe half way done. This thing is impressive on the INSIDE just like it is on the outside.

  3. Name.

    The ship needs a name, then a christening party.

    You could name it…uhh…

    S.S. Privateer!

    Fun stuff!

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