My name is Ogre, and I’m an addict.

We had a Kimber Desert Warrior that had come in on trade some time ago.  It’s been riding the shelf almost completely untouched for a couple months.   I remember selling the gun to the fellow years ago.   This was before Kimber took they QC Nose Dive.  I examined the gun carefully.  He carried the gun a lot, then let it ride his gun safe a lot.  But he didn’t shoot it very much.  There is only a little finish wear on the frame rails from cycling, which is nothing because we have new guns on the shelf with more.  The breach face still looks new.

My cost on it was real good.   So it went into the back on Layaway.   I’ll take my time getting it payed off… I’m in no rush to take it home.  It still has those weird yellow waffle-like grips.  I hate those things.   Those are going Bye-Bye as soon as I finish the 4473 on it.


9 thoughts on “My name is Ogre, and I’m an addict.”

    1. It’s tough… it really is. But this is going to be the last gun I get for some time…. unless we magically get some KSG’s or something.

  1. Wait… if we trade a few, back and forth.
    We get to play with new guns, cheap… and dont actually amass more!!!
    My brain cell sparked a little bit right there…


  2. Eh…there could be a LOT worse things to be addicted to.

    Chemical references aside, a buddy of mine has serious Luger collector fever.

  3. You can do it Ogre it just takes a bit of dis..


    Where was I….

    Oooooo pretty gun, you should get one.

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