Sick of hearing about Weiner’s junk.

I don’t click the links, so I’m not following the story.  But the headlines have pretty much painted a good enough picture I wish I hadn’t seen.  Every time I go to a news site, there is another story about Rep Weiner’s junk.  I’m sick of it.  The DNC, if they had any credibility left, would demand that this guy steps down.  But they’ve not done that.  Because Weiner’s Junk is a puppet show that takes away from attention that could be paid on more important issues.  Such as the Economy.  It’s all about the Economy right now… specifically, how bad it is.  Yet we don’t hear a lot about it on the normal news outlets.  The Democrats are crashing our Economy and instead of getting the reports on that, we’re getting Weiner’s weiner wagged in our faces.    Next election, break out the shears… let’s cut these guys off at the root.

The Democrat lead Administration has driven the US into the ground so far that it’s going to be impossible for us to climb back out of.  We need a drastic change in the USA and luckily such change is still able to happen peacefully.  We still have our votes.   We can still fix this by voting out every Democrat in every office… if we can take back our Government from the Socialists, we can fix our country.

3 thoughts on “Sick of hearing about Weiner’s junk.”

  1. Don’t forget that we have to vote out the “compassionate conservatives”, republicrats, and the stupid party. Putting recent Republicans back in power is not a solution. Only Tea-Partiers, Libertarian-Repubs, and true fiscal conservatives will do now.

  2. Yes, we can fix it, but we will have to default first.
    (We are defaulted already hence the raiding of the Fed Pension Fund thanks to Timmah)

    The next President is going to preside over an economy in default. This is inescapable. It may even happen under the current Child in Chief.

    EU will crumble first (in the process now as we speak) then us.

    Who wants to volunteer to tell the Chinese they won’t be getting their money back?

    As for Weiner, he should resign but when you have Timmah Geitner (tax cheat), Bawnie Fwank (purgurer, pimp, tax cheat), Chuck Rangle (tax cheat, purgurer) and Bill Clinton (purgerer, adulterer) as your role models, you get a dick slap and keep your job.

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