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I suck.

I called a friend the other day and his response was “Dude, you have never called me before… What’s wrong?”
Huh.  Really? This has been bothering me ever since our conversation.
I guess what is wrong is that I’ve never called him before. We’ve been friends for over a decade… talk online all the time… but that’s not the same… its not really talking.  Its sad because I consider him a brother.  I suck.
And another friend… I only see when I need to crash at his place.  Damn it… I really suck.
I have good friends, but I am not a good friend.
I need to work on this.

Any of my friends are cool to call me any time. If I can’t talk, I’ll call you back the instant I can. You don’t need to leave a message, I’ll return the call. You can send text messages. Now, if you call, and I answer, but you only hear wind… I’m on my bike with my ear buds in and I can hear you… probably… and when I stop… I’ll call you back.

“George, stop jumping on the Nuke.”

The ride out to SLC was fast and the Honda Magna did very well.  Save for one small detail.  I had thought that the seat was just fine.   Unfortunately on an extended ride, the seat becomes a torture worse than water-boarding.   The 100 mile range per tank is more than enough.  Because at about 60 miles, you have to get off that seat and get some blood back into the buttocks.

At Crusader HQ, I dropped off my ATI Commander for some slicking up and for a new finish… Cerakote.  In Battleship Grey.    We got the Grey Cerakote in for our customer, who I still can’t reveal.  But the color is awesome.  After talking with Joe and twisting his arm, he agreed to come with, on a little adventure.    I had  a mission.

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SLC this weekend.

Visiting friends.  Let’s see… Steve, Joe, Mike, Larry… Tom if at all possible and Ben if he’s still around.  I’m planning on being at the B&N book store Saturday afternoon, and hopefully some Buffalo Burgers at the Bohemian Brewery.   This place has the most amazing buffalo burgers I’ve ever eaten.    Probably hit that joint around 7PM, Sat Night.  So come by and hang out!