SLC this weekend.

Visiting friends.  Let’s see… Steve, Joe, Mike, Larry… Tom if at all possible and Ben if he’s still around.  I’m planning on being at the B&N book store Saturday afternoon, and hopefully some Buffalo Burgers at the Bohemian Brewery.   This place has the most amazing buffalo burgers I’ve ever eaten.    Probably hit that joint around 7PM, Sat Night.  So come by and hang out!

One thought on “SLC this weekend.”

  1. I was reading somewhere that if the price of beef and cattle feed keeps going up some ranchers were thinking about raising buffalo…again. They take twice as long to mature and you need really tall fences made from used oil field pipe (this was in Oklahoma in the 1960’s) and perhaps small APC’s to herd them, but they can thrive on native vegetation and don’t suffer from predation as much.

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