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It’s going to hurt?

It’s going to hurt he says.  What is going to really smart is the thrashing the Democrats are going to get come the 2012 elections.

The American Economy is a huge engine.  Extremely powerful.  Powerful enough to spin us, and to spin the economy of many other countries.  But ever since the Democrats took over Congress, it all started going downhill.  Then the Democrats took the White House as well and everything has gone to hell in a handbasket.  We hear the Whitehouse talk about all the jobs they have created… Horseshiat.   They don’t create jobs.  All the Government can do is to choke jobs.  Strangle growth.  I believe in this Nation… and I believe that it can be healed and can regain its momentum.   And a lot faster than the Democrats think.  The Administration needs to take the weight off this great engine.  But they are not going to do it.  What is going to have to happen is to get a regime change.  When that happens, we’ll get some momentum back.


Sick of hearing about Weiner’s junk.

I don’t click the links, so I’m not following the story.  But the headlines have pretty much painted a good enough picture I wish I hadn’t seen.  Every time I go to a news site, there is another story about Rep Weiner’s junk.  I’m sick of it.  The DNC, if they had any credibility left, would demand that this guy steps down.  But they’ve not done that.  Because Weiner’s Junk is a puppet show that takes away from attention that could be paid on more important issues.  Such as the Economy.  It’s all about the Economy right now… specifically, how bad it is.  Yet we don’t hear a lot about it on the normal news outlets.  The Democrats are crashing our Economy and instead of getting the reports on that, we’re getting Weiner’s weiner wagged in our faces.    Next election, break out the shears… let’s cut these guys off at the root.

The Democrat lead Administration has driven the US into the ground so far that it’s going to be impossible for us to climb back out of.  We need a drastic change in the USA and luckily such change is still able to happen peacefully.  We still have our votes.   We can still fix this by voting out every Democrat in every office… if we can take back our Government from the Socialists, we can fix our country.

It’s about the Economy

The National Debt is now equal to the National Economy.
This news is more disappointing than it is surprising.  We’ve seen this coming from a mile away.  We’ve seen the spending like the proverbial “Drunken Sailor”.   But this is an insult to Drunken Sailors.  Congress is much worse, because I know several drunken sailors and when they get really hammered, they wake up the next morning with a new tattoo and an empty wallet, but their partying never put me and my family in debt.  Sure, I did have to post bail once for one particular guy, but I got that money back… and I didn’t have to cover his bar tab.

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