A nice day at the Range

When friends come out from Hill AFB and say they want to do some shooting – we go shooting.   So Mike and Tony came out yesterday, and Tony picked up a nice Savage 10 FCP topped it with a 6.5-20×44 Vortex Viper.  Mike brought out the finished Crusader Broadsword.  Both guns needed to be zeroed, so today, we went to the range, including WTA’s Khorne.

Mike, going prone... Nailing the 400 yard plate - every shot.

Let me tell you about that Broadsword… Mike had Joe change off the flash hider to a Compensator from BattleComp.  The gun shot very well before.  Now, it’s just flat out amazing.  To compare this SR-25 type rifle to my M-4 type… Mike’s Broadsword is lighter, kicks less, and hit’s much harder than my M-4.  On paper, it was shooting Clover Leaf groups.  To zero his ACOG, it only needed 4 clicks to the right.  Done.  Pin Point accuracy from a Battle Rifle.  Amazing.

BattleComp, after 400 rounds. Hot and Dirty.

Tony’s Savage needed a few more clicks, but once we found where he was hitting, we adjusted his scope… X.  Not X ring… The center of the X.  Accurate rifle.  Just like I said it was.   Tony was then able to blood his new rifle by knocking down a Prairie Dog at about 400 yards.   We He found it didn’t like Military Surplus ammo, but shot amazingly well with Hornady .308 ammo.

We shot other guns… Benelli Nova Tactical, Remington 870 Police Tactical, two .44 Mags from S&W’s Performance Center, an AK-47, a PSL, various 1911’s, a Beretta 92FS, and a Remington 700 in .223…   We were out there on the range for four and a half hours.   During which, yes, we did some Dual Wielding with the .44 Magnums… because we can…  Made another shot at 300 yards with a smooth bore slug – NAILED IT.

I had a great day shooting.  Absolutely fantastic.  Mike’s going to email some more photos and I’ll through them up here.

2 thoughts on “A nice day at the Range”

  1. Congrats from another .44 dual wielder!!!
    Cant wait to get my savage .300 wm heavy barrel out to a 300+ yard range.
    Sounds like an amazing time was had by all…


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