Remington 700 LTR

We transfered through a Remington 700 LTR rifle today.  If I was to have taken my XCR Compact Tactical Rifle, and sprayed it down with flat black Krylon, that’s just what it would have looked like… but without everything that makes the XCR so much better.
Granted the LTR is a bit less money… However you do not get the Trinite Coating that makes the XCR completely weather resistant. The LTR is just a cheap matte finish that didn’t look or feel very good. The polishing on the bolt and action makes the XCR so much smoother… and the LTR doesn’t have the X40 trigger system that is so much better than LTR’s trigger.  I’m not sure what trigger the LTR has in it… but it didn’t feel nearly as good as the XCR’s.  It couldn’t have been an X40.  For a couple hundred bucks more than the LTR, you could get the rifle that I think is so much better.  Somethings are worth splurging some extra cash for… seriously, get the XCR if that’s what you are in the market for.

2 thoughts on “Remington 700 LTR”

  1. The LTR was available with the 40-x trigger through select distributors(unsure if that is still so), and also has the HS Precision stock. The B&C on the XCR is a good stock but runs about $200 while the HS stock runs about double that. I’m sure, buying in bulk, Remington pays far less than street price but I think you are getting more for your money with the LTR as far as components are concerned. As to the finish, I believe, Remington knows that the LTR is going to get the Krylon treatment most times any way. That said, there is no excuse for the 40-x trigger not to be on every production rifle they make. It would certainly save me the hassle of tracking one down for use on my SPS-T project.

    1. The stock this one had on it was exactly like my XCR’s, just not green. Having owned both stocks for different rifles… I’m of the opinion that the HS stock isn’t any better than the B&C on the XCR.

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