Crusader LEO .308 CETME Battle Rifle

The next Crusader LEO Project Rifle we are currently thinking about is a the CETME.  There are a lot of options out there for the CETME and they have a good reputation and a following.  And the CETME would gain huge benefits from the Slipstream ST-1 Process.   Options would be custom color, railed handguards and a collapsing stock.  This will be a very smooth, very reliable .308 battle rifle starting out for under a grand.  Even with the collapsing stock and railed guards, still very reasonable.   So for you guys that can’t afford a Broadsword or have an aversion to an AR Type weapon – This is the gun.  HK liked the so much, they took it and it became the G3.

What do you guys think?

22 thoughts on “Crusader LEO .308 CETME Battle Rifle”

  1. George, I REALLY like the CETME.
    Heck… Caryn even has the bolt action version. 😀
    For me, just a slicked up stock version would be fine.
    Also, a battle rifle with dirt cheap mags… YES PLEASE.
    The collapsible stocks, are we talking tapco or factory style?
    With the 2 Sterlings, my Delta Elite, and moving to Pa… I am tapped out at the minute.
    However, I would man up and do one on a payment schedule.
    So… you guys decide to do CETMEs, put me at the top of the list.


    1. We can do a “Layaway” plan with you… This one isn’t going to be a rush with a small window like the Sterlings. We’ll help you get the gun you want.
      Also, with the stock – it’s pretty much the same stock as on an HK G3… that Collapsible Stock.

  2. Wow, a CETME that actually works for under a grand? I dunno…that’s a very ambitious project to build a roller-locked gun from the ground up. Are you going to start with flats or already formed receivers? I wouldn’t trust any SW or any Todd Bailey made receiver as chances are you will be getting an out of spec receiver. I would only trust a very small handful of HK builders to form a receiver if you won’t be doing it (Ghilleybear being one). Roller-locked guns can turn into a real nightmare to not just build, but to ensure that they are reliable…and all for under a grand??? I would LOVE to see Crusader pull this off and then do a 93 AND a 94 clone. There is a big market for a working roller locked gun, the trick is that they have to work and be reasonably priced.

  3. Intriguing…i really wanted to get in on a sterling, but finances wouldn’t cooperate. I had a CETME, and if it had been reliable I might’ve kept it. Had good a experience with the ACE stock & block on it though.

    What kind of sights & optics will you be offering? I’d been eyeballing the ptr91s with the welded rail lately…maybe I should postpone, haha.

  4. Already own a CETME.

    Nice rifle … took me a while to correct Century’s dumbass assembly mistakes on mine.

  5. Bring it on! There’s definitely a market for a reliable 7.62 NATO battle rifle at a reasomable price.

  6. How much to work over an existing CETME? I’ve already got a very nice one that was built out of an unissued parts kit. However, it is very tight and gritty. I’d consider getting it worked over and maybe a nice scope mount added.

      1. I had a chance to examine much later, after I had calmed down from the field fail.

        Barrel nut was extremely loose. This wasn’t very noticeable until I blocked the bolt back away from the chamber with some plastic rod through the port and mag well.

        Like about one and a half turns loose.

        Tightened it up, and will shoot it again tomorrow and report back.

  7. Ogre, I had an HK91 and could never warm to it. It kicked like a mule, had a horrible trigger, and it was almost impossible to clean the locking recesses. If you could produce an FAL or perhaps an M1/ BM59 type rifle, then I would be on board. Good luck with whatever you decide on.

    1. All CETME and HK barrels have chamber flutes. The lines on the case don’t effect reloadability. The roller-lock system requires it.

      They do dent the case sides. If you want to avoid a dented case, you get and install an ejection port bumper. A very cheap fix, but it does increase the odds of a jam.

      This is standard for all of these critters.

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