Heavy Metal: M-14 Sage EBR

Can you say “Dream Gun”?  This is why it’s prominent in Uprising.  That’s a badass rifle, on every level.

Sage EBR

It’s not meant to look cool… it’s meant to work.  All about function.  It gives the rifle the means to be adjusted like a tailor fit to the operator and it increases accuracy.    They are however, a little spendy.  Worth it.  Very worth it.

9 thoughts on “Heavy Metal: M-14 Sage EBR”

  1. IMO the pistol grip gives a better feel with trigger pull and is taylored for optics a it is near impossible to get low enouh to use the iron sights. The design of the stock feels to lessen recoil but it also weighs quite a bit.

  2. I imagined that with a 50 round drum and I wound up with a chubby.

    Fine, it wasn’t meant to look cool. How about badass? Because it’s looks badass.

    And cool.

  3. This would be the last gun I would bring with me into any type of forest environment with lots of foliage or heavy brush cover.

    That big hook the cheek rest creates will snag on everything including clothing.

    Coming from hunting in MN perspective.

    Other than that…

    1. You know, thats the common logic… but it doesn’t hold true. I used a Colt HBAR for a lot of thick woods stuff and it had a Hook like cheek rest too. It didn’t catch on anything. The only drawback for thick woods is the long barrel, which is discounted because I can shorten the stock a foot.

  4. Yeah, I’d be ticked if it snagged a pocket or fish hooked my webbing.

    Your word (and experience)is good enough for me then.

    ‘Tis an attractive lookin’ piece of hardware.

    Tally ho…

  5. Back about 15 months or so ago, I got to talking to a young 11B E5 in the BAF pax terminal who had one of those (I can’t remember if I was coming or going from R&R, either way it’s irrelevant.)

    I was surprised that he didn’t like it very much, and he said he prefered the wood stock one he’d had his last deployment. He said it was a pain to get the action out of the stock to clean it, with a bunch of Allen screws, and you had to re-zero every time.

    If Law483 still offered their M14H6 in fiberglass, I’d be all over it. That, or McCann Industries carbon fiber job, although that one start getting pricey when you add all the otehr parts (I think I was up over $2k, not including glass, last time I was fantasizing that particular way.) But damn it’s on sexy way to dress your M14.

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