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Heavy Metal: LWRC REPR

Watch this:

Okay, now the guy says that he feels that the recoil is harsher than other .308 weapons. Then he also says that gun was designed for recoil management in mind. “Recoiled more than any of them…” That’s a fail. The gun was also very poor in accuracy. The parts are banging against each other… that can’t be consistent. The cocking handle causes jams… “it’s a training issue”? Really? That’s a crap design and don’t make an excuse for it. That gun is just a POS. Seriously, if that was my gun, I’d be pissed and I’d want my money back.
Guys, for twice the price of the Crusader Broadsword, it’s less than half the gun. The Broadsword feels like you are shooting a 5.56mm gun. Because it really is designed with recoil management in mind. And it’s a tack driver, because we wanted it to be accurate. The Broadsword shoots groups that make you look like a Ninja Warlock Sniper. At 100 yards, we were shooting 1 hole groups. If you want a good .308 Battle Rifle… there can be only one: The Crusader Broadsword.