.270 Redding Broadsword

Looking for “That Edge” for my own custom build on a Crusader Broadsword.  One caliber came up that had me thinking “Hmmm”.  See, I’m looking for a configuration for a Hunting Broadsword… that can be legitimately used for hunting North American Big Game that will give good performance across the board with good bullet selections for the widest array of game animals… and it not be .308 Winchester.

The .270 Redding.  An improvement over the standard .270-08 Wildcat.  In an AR this would be solid.  See, you can get 3000 FPS out of a Short Action, in this case, out of an AR… which is only 60 FPS slower than the same bullet out of a .270 Winchester rifle.

Powder    Start    Velocity    Maximum   Velocity
N-150   45.0 grs.  2,923 fps  47.0 grs.  3,053 fps

Mild recoil, good trajectory, good terminal ballistics…  This gives us a much better trajectory thanks to it being faster than the 7mm-08 that would normally be the go-to choice for me.

4 thoughts on “.270 Redding Broadsword”

  1. But the 7MM-08 has factory ammo available, and good stuff, too. I like the 270 Redding concept, but I think it’s more for reloaders – unless someone’s gonna load them for you?

    1. I can get a 3rd Party company to custom roll ammo specifically tailored to our gun.
      But other than that, yes, it’s all about handloading. Which isn’t really a problem at all. Just nut up and do it.
      The problem with 7mm-08 is that it’s a chunk slower than .308. The .270 Redding isn’t… so it doesn’t start out with the handicap that 7mm-08 has.

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