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Some interesting Snake Oil

Now you guys all know that I take Lubrication very seriously and Gundoc and I have studied more on Lubricants than anyone short of a PHD should.   We’ve talked to Chemists and Nano Scientists and have studied oils down the Molecular level, and how they act and react with different materials and uses in different applications.  That’s what we do… that’s why Slipstream is so bloody good.

Well, this sales rep guy comes in and shows us some stuff from a company called Wasp Sports.  It’s called Bore Stinger.  It’s a CLP type oil made from Tree Sap and Root Oils, according to the rep.  He was kind enough to leave us a couple bottles.  Everything I know of tree sap pretty much has nothing to do with Lubrication of small moving metal parts.   According the the Sales Guy they take the tree sap and stuff and shock it for 3 days at 30,000 volts or something to “Change the Molecular Structure.”  Yeah, that’s what happens to Organic Compounds when they encounter heat… Some people call it cooking. Which is why Crusader doesn’t use organics.

Do you know what happens to tree sap when it gets old?  It gets hard and we call it Amber… the only thing Amber is good for is preserving Dino DNA and looking yellow.  These are not things you want in your gun, do you?

The Rep made all kinds of claims… A lot of talk about Conditioning, which I still consider something for you Hair, not your Firearm.  10 Micron Penetration into metal.  So evidently your metal is like dried pinewood and this stuff soaks in.  Yeah, metal doesn’t quite do that, but okay… I’ll listen some more.  Then I heard the biggest claim.  This stuff will give you a 700FPS increase in Velocity in a 7mm Rem Mag if you treat your bore with it.  Really?  700, huh?   Not buying that for a second.  Well, after the sales rep left, I had to hit their web site.  WaspSports.

Their (talking about Native Americans here) secret “recipe” for seasoning weapons was coveted by friends and enemies alike, and the Eastern Natives became known as “Master Metal Seasoners”.

You know, my brother and I have both studied Western History in College… Including Native American Studies.   My bro even has his Degree in it.  We’ve never heard of that before.  Ever.

Well, me being who I am, I had to try it out.  3 guns.  I took down 3 different firearms and tried this stuff out.   You know, it’s decent stuff for wiping down a gun.  Probably because of the Wax Compounds that are most likely what’s in the stuff.   But at an oil… I literally felt no difference in these guns – which were bone dry to start with.  One gun, a Walther PPK/S, even kinda felt “Not as good” as before and had more of that Zipper sound after using Bore Stinger.

For about the same price as Slipstream… you can either get Bore Stinger… or you can get the best Lubricant known to Science that is absolutely proven in hostile field conditions and in very kenetic environments.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

My brother Zack, and my friends Mike, Larry, and Tom were at ConDuit and were all on a panel together about surviving in a world gone Zed.
First point of order… When it comes to winning against Zombies, ignore everything Max Brooks has ever written. If you have to get a book or two to follow, the first book to get is the Boy Scout Handbook. Not a new one, but an old one. Then, if you can, the US Army Ranger Manual. Just to make you feel safer.

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