I freaking hate ProMag. With a passion. No, I mean it. I could happily burn their factory to the ground and I don’t think I’d think twice about doing it and I don’t think any serious shooters would care.
Do they make anything that works? Seriously, any one thing? I’ve had a couple that worked just fine… for awhile. Then they all went tits up. And new mags from those clowns. Only work, or even fit in the gun, or load to capacity half the time.
Screw ProMag.

8 thoughts on “ProMag”

  1. Love your acronym Sgt Mac!! I have owned two of these in different calibers and they were both junk! Pay a little more for a MegGar ( or is it MagGer..always get that confused) and you will not have any issues in my humble opinion!

  2. Bought three for my duty carry gun a long time ago. All three failed on first loading! Springs set down and would not push at all. When I tried to return them they told me I HAD DO take three new ones instead of getting my money back. Did, all three failed. Got money back after a long wait and never looked back.

  3. I bought an HK91 bipod from CTD years ago, I was surprised to find it was made by Promag (the price should have clued me in). Surprisingly, it’s worked fine for me.

  4. My hope is that mostly gangbaning thugs buy these mags. It makes sense though. How else could they stay in business?

  5. They worked better in my old SW-99 than the Smith mags. That was about 8 years ago though. Got rid of the gun about 6 years ago, so I could not tell you if they still work of not.

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