Slipstream is just pretty good?

Sorry guys, I gotta vent my spleen here.

I talked to this guy the other day, and it’s been bothering me. I take Slipstream pretty seriously… and this guy said, “Oh yeah, I tried Slipstream. It’s pretty good. It’s made by a little father and son company in South Jordan.”
“No. It’s not. It’s made by Crusader Weaponry in Murray.”

“Well, I tried it and it’s not as slick NAME WITHHELD.”

What a bunch of BS. The man does not even know what Slipstream is… so I know he did NOT try Slipstream, and he’s going to say it’s not as slick as that NAME WITHHELD? Come on. Don’t be lying to my face… You didn’t try it and you know, and I know you know it, so stop acting like you’re all high and mighty. You’ve no idea what you don’t know. What a cock.
We’ve extensively tested damn near every Lubricant on the planet that is meant for Firearms. I say near because I’m sure there’s some stuff out there that I’ve not heard of. I freaking have an account at Brownells and Midway USA and I’ve dropped a lot of cash on Lubes to try out. In every case Slipstream not just outperforms it – it blows it out of the water. Reason being, is because our base carrier fluid is Equal to the best oils out there… and that’s just the carrier… we use that as the vehicle to get the actual Slipstream product into where it needs to go. We use a Nano Particulate that is .04 to .06 Microns in size. These particles… these microscopic ball bearings are so small that they create a dust so fine that Respirators can’t filter out poor Joe uses that stuff in the Permanent Treatments, he’s blowing black snot for a week. Those little particles are the magic stuff… It gets into the pores in the metal, fills them, and creates a surface with the lowest coefficient of friction possible. No mere oil or grease is going to do what Slipstream does, because it’s not Slipstream.
Slip2000, FrogLube, Militec, Hoppes, RemOil… whatever your favorite is… If you want stick with it, fine. But don’t try to tell me it’s slicker than Slipstream. Because we tested that stuff and it didn’t perform like we wanted, which is why we made Slipstream in the first place.

Oh that guy… Sales Rep. For who? NAME WITHHELD. Go figure.

Okay, now some guys have fierce brand loyalty.  Here’s what you do.  Take Slipstream and let the bottle sit for a few days and let the particulates settle.  Take a medicine dropper and pull out the carrier oil, leaving the particulates in the bottom of the bottle.  Then use the dropper and put in your favorite oil.  Then shake the hell out of it.  Now you have just taken your favorite oil and Improved the hell out of it.  Now, you can be happy.

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  1. If this guy did in fact try Slipstream then I’d be willing to bet he didn’t shake it (enough) and then what he did was lubricate with the carrier oil hence the “it’s the same” comment. It takes a hell of a lot to impress me, and this stuff blows me away so much that I push and demo it every week. I need to look at one of my bottles, but I don’t believe “shake well” is either very small text or just not there.

  2. IN a way I can’t blame them. Especially the old timers, they’ve seen a million wonder lubes come and go. it’s hard to convince them that yours isn’t just another flash in the pan lube. Even when I showed them how slick it made all my Sigs, they were skeptical, “Sure it’s good now but lets see how it works in the cold.”

    I was at a shop looking at AR’s and the guy offered me a basic CMMG for $899.99. He said you couldn’t get a better AR at that price. I mentioned the Crusader Weaponry Bones rifle (which I still haven’t seen a picture of). He said “Crusader who? Do you really want to buy a rifle from some no name company.”

    He was ready to dismiss a company, just because he had never heard of it. I told him that at one point, LMT, Noveske and Knights Armaments, were also no name brands.

    I get that he wants to sell the rifle he has, but he shouldn’t disparage a product he’s never heard of before.

    I passed on the CMMG. I mean, who wants an AR you have to lubricate all the time. 😛

      1. Ha, I just bought my first TV in 15 years (which is why I haven’t ordered a Bones rifle yet). Damn but it does all sort of things I didn’t expect. It connects to the internet and everything!

        The only AR I’ve ever built was and Olympic Arms. Back then your choices were Colt, Bushmaster, DPMS, and Oly. I went with Oly because they were local…


        For a long time after that I couldn’t figure out why people liked AR’s. I though there were all inaccurate and unreliable.

        I’ve since seen what a well made precision AR can do.

        I still don’t get rails though, I mean yeah one for an optic I guess, but the rest just seem silly for civilians. New newfangled picatinny cheese graters, in my day we used inner tubes and duct tape and we liked it!

        1. Have never held a complete Oly rifle, let alone fired one. Have a flat top HEAVY barrel upper I put together with some of their parts,and it is fine.
          What exactly was/is the deal with Oly? Only reliability/accuracy problems I’ve ever had with any of my ARs ( save for one REALLY CHEAP imported barrel that left all kinds of ugly ridges on fired brass from a really chipped chambering reamer) were surplus ammo related ( as we all know- pleanty of bad surp vs good surp! )
          Kept hearing similar stuff about DPMS ( from guys with more expensive guns) , but bought one anyway, and it flat runs.

          1. Early on Oly cast thier receivers and had very poor quality control. They have since turned things around. Think Hyundai, in the 1990’s their cars were total crap but they have since started making decent cars, well Oly Arms is the hyundai of the AR set.

    1. Yes. But you can simply shake it and there you go. If it didn’t settle out – it would also mean that the particles wouldn’t migrate from suspension to the metal surfaces. This is why it’s often said that “Slipstream is better the second day.” That’s because more of the particles have migrated to the metal.

        1. Here ya go, Netpackrat. Here is a link to their web page where you can buy it direct. I know the guys would be happy to ship up to you.

          LOL I just realized I am working for Crusader again… Dammit, when do I get paid guys lol (For those that don’t get the joke I have no affiliation with Crusader. I am just a fan with too much time on my hands).

          1. Well, this ought to be amusing. Paypal accepted the order, but you’re not going to be able to ship it to me unless USPS has started accepting liquids. Which is why I asked for a local dealer.

  3. You’ve got pretty thin skin for a guy who calls himself the Ogre. You can’t expect everyone to like your product.

    If he didn’t understand what slipstream is then put your sales cap on and sell him on it. Tell him exactly why it’s superior to anything else out there. Tell him you’ll do a side by side comparison of Slipstream vs. SuperLube3000 any day any time. If he backs down then he’s a coward. If he won’t listen then sell it to someone who will. If it’s as good as you claim it’ll start selling itself.

    Getting quietly miffed because one guy ragged on your lube does nothing for you.

    Sorry, but your post just comes across like, ‘big Johnny down the street said mean things about me. Wahhhhh”.

    1. No, Tim. You are not getting what I was saying. He was dissing something when he didn’t even know what it was, while acting like he was in the know. THAT is what I found irritating. Look, if you actually try Slipstream and you don’t like it – fine. But try to step on it when you have no idea what your stepping on – that is some BS.

  4. In the chamber is one place where a surface treatment might really help. Do you think it would help reduce friction, or would it attract fouling?

  5. Slipstream worked wonders on my sticky bolt action Rem Mod 7 .300 SAUM which is now smooth as glass.

    I also treated the bore with Microlon and I can now use the center cross hairs @ 100 yards (about an inch high and through the same hole repeatedly) the same as at 300 yards (dead nuts center 2×2 inch groups). Microlon went on first on George’s recomendation, before Slipstream was invented.

    Slipstream made my bolt smooth as ball bearings and I’ve treated every gun I own with it and yes it IS better the second time.

    1. db,
      “treated” = “lubed with”?
      or “treated” = sent to Joe for the permanent treatment ($$$!!! for all my arsenal).
      Joe did my AR, and it’s been great, and keeps getting better as I shoot it.

  6. I have to be honest. I am still a fan of Militec, and I do preform the sacrilege of putting it in my slipstream after removing the carrier oil (or mixing it with the lube to make a very interesting and slippery gunk). I admit it. I’m a heathen. But I really like the results (which is probably entirely a product of my imagination, since I liked slipstream anyway).

    I keep trying to sell my boss on either of them, but he remains convinced that anything more expensive than CLP won’t sell (and around here, he is probably right).

  7. “…poor Joe uses that stuff in the Permanent Treatments, he’s blowing black snot for a week.”

    But I’ll bet that he has no joint pain. :>)

  8. I bought a bottle of Slipstream a few weeks ago and used it on my duty pistol. Eh. Yeah, it’s some slippery stuff, but I didn’t really see what the big deal was.

    So, just today, I finally got out to the range.

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! This stuff makes guns run REALLY smooth!

    1. Ah… see… THAT is what Slipstream is all about. Regular gun oils don’t do that. I’ve never heard anyone say that they tried Militec and gave a Holy Crap in all caps with that many exclamation points after it.

  9. I stand corrected. Bottle of Slipstream was in my PO box today when I checked the mail. Thanks, I’ll probably try it out on the S-12 this coming week.

    1. If you order a “Slipstream Kit”, you will get a Slipstream Grease as well… which is PERFECT for a Garand or M-14 type rifle.

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