I’m not happy with Wegner.

Some time ago, I purchased a Swiss Army Wegner wrist watch.   Silver bracelet, blue face, “Military” model.  Looks good.  You’ve seen it in many Ogre Videos.  And then The Nightcrawler Effect hit me.  And the watch ejected off my wrist like a Jet Fighter Pilot struck by a Sidewinder.

So I sent the watch back to Wegner to get the bracelet fixed and the crystal (which had been scratched) replaced.   After 3 months the watch came back.  With a bracelet that was so small I could only get 4 fingers of my hand through.  WTF?  And the scratched crystal was still there. So I send it back.  This time it came back with bracelet that fit perfectly.  And its still scratched.  I’ll leave it like that.

However, I no longer want it.  I’ve replaced it with a Nixon.  “The Scout”.    So… I’ll put that Swiss Army Wegner Watch up for Trade.   Make an interesting offer.

15 thoughts on “I’m not happy with Wegner.”

  1. I just hit a button on my phone and asked “what is a wristwatch”

    I discovered that it is a “watch worn on a strap around the wrist”

  2. http://www.citizenwatch.com/COA/English/detail.asp?Country=COA&Language=English&ModelNumber=BJ2000-09E

    I have worn the same watch for over ten years now and I completely swear by it to the point that I will always wear a Citizen. I had to replace my first one because I had it off to clean its underside when my tent in Iraq suddenly caught fire from an electrical shortage. It isn’t fire proof. As soon as I got home I bought the same one and never take it off under any circumstances and because of that, it takes some serious abuse. The crystal is EXTREMELY scratch resistant. I replaced the rubber band with a Waterborne band as soon as I got it, other than that its been on my wrist for over 6 years. Ignore the MSRP they sell for around $350.00 and it will be the last watch you ever buy.

    1. My second choice to the Seiko Coutura Kenetic Perpetual.

      I use different watches for different situations but my SHTF will always be the Seiko.

      You can be in a coma for 5 years while your watch sits on a shelf, it then goes into “standbye” mode.

      Wake up from your coma, pick up the watch and give her a little shake and the hands and date, the month and 24 hr indicator will rotate to the correct time and current date automatically.

      I appreciate that when I don’t wear it for a couple weeks and it has stopped. Just shake it and like magic the corret time is set.

      Never needs winding or a battery or sunshine and will always reset to correct date including leap year count down indicator.

  3. I’ve had the same watch for over 20 years now. Its a Seiko quartz I bought at the PX shortly before I got out of the Army. I was sick and tired of buying really cheap watches that got dirty so the buttons wouldn’t work or the strap broke. I’ve bought other watches since then and have liked them worn them and then traded them away.

    The Seiko is light, thin, not expensive, and accurate. Sometimes I wish that I was wearing a watch with fancy glow in the dark tritium hands. The other 360+ days of the year I’m fine with it.

  4. Rolex for nearly 17 years the Submariner, present to myself for 20 years LE. Could never afford to replace it at current costs, glad I got it back when and paid instalments for nearly a year. Never been sorry.

    1. Damn spiffy watch and you can get some decent deals on the Submariners if you look hard enough. Got to love the lifetime guarantee.

      If I ever have more money than I know what to do with, I will get one.

  5. Seiko Automatic 200m. Poor man’s Rolex. Although there is a Submariner tucked away in the safe for special occasions. I got mine when I worked at a pawn shop.

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