Stung by Bore Stinger

This is an important a follow up to a previous post about “Bore Stinger”.  For those who don’t know.  Bore Stinger is a product made by some outfit called WASP Sports.  It’s a Lubricant/Metal Conditioner made from tree sap and root oil.

One of the claims the rep made, as I had mentioned before is that it will give you a 700 FPS gain in velocity with a 7mm.  Upon further study, this is accomplished by using not just Bore Stinger, but steel wool and twisting that through your bore for 15 minutes with a cordless drill – on High. That right there tells me something.  These people know nothing about firearms and neither do anyone that these snake-oil salesmen con into buying their stuff.  So let me break this down for those not following… 15 minutes of high speed drilling in your bore – this is a patently bad idea.  This is essentially wearing out your barrel prematurely.  This is going to be detrimental to your accuracy… maybe even drastically so.  Any gain in velocity you get from this is because you have less rifling in your barrel to grab the bullet.  This isn’t a good thing.

Well, remember I said that I actually tried it?

Well, me being who I am, I had to try it out.  3 guns.  I took down 3 different firearms and tried this stuff out.   You know, it’s decent stuff for wiping down a gun.  Probably because of the Wax Compounds that are most likely what’s in the stuff.   But at an oil… I literally felt no difference in these guns – which were bone dry to start with.  One gun, a Walther PPK/S, even kinda felt “Not as good” as before and had more of that Zipper sound after using Bore Stinger.

So I did… on some guns… this was about 2 month ago.  These guns I used Bore Stinger on, I pulled them out today.  Specifically the Walther PPK/S.  It’s Stainless Steel so what I saw really showed up well, and these guns were not taken down or treated with anything else.  It was cleaned and lubed with Bore Stinger, and then sat on a shelf since.  I pulled out this Walther and cycled the action to check that it was clear.  It felt like it was full of glue.  Just getting the slide back took some serious effort.  “What?”  So I looked at the barrel and it’s completely gummed up.  Oils (Bore Stinger) that had seeped out at the back of the slide had turned a hard yellow and was sticky.  Just like tree sap right off a pine tree.  I disassembled the gun and found the thing to be completely encased in amber.  I had to use solvents, brushes and a rag to scrub all that crap out of the gun.  On one place in the gun, I had to use the blade of my knife to scrape the amber residue off the part.  I took the remainder (almost full) of the Bore Stinger and just threw it away.

If you have any Bore Stinger… Stop using it.  Give it to someone you don’t like.

6 thoughts on “Stung by Bore Stinger”

  1. And here I was thinking that Butch’s bore paste was overly aggressive in a new barrel.
    If you are cheap and have time, Synthetic motor oi, automatic transmission fluid, and marine grease and elbow grease, can be used as expedient gun lubes and a cleaner. Slip stream is just so much more convenient in that it is easier to clean up after the gun has kind of “soaked” it up.
    Since there seems to be a demand for “organic” products I’m going to start a “Bear Grease” line of gun products. You’ll know it’s the real thing by the smell and the flies. As a side benefit you can find your piece in a dark room by the odor. Perhaps “Rendered Hippy” would be more popular?

    1. You’re doing it wrong.
      You use solvent to extract the grease from the dreadlocks, not the body.

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