A shout out to Big O Holsters

Owen McPhillips has sent us a Holster.  I’ve been waiting to get my ATI Commander back from Cerakoting before I took some photos and did a review.  Well, Joe’s only going to do my gun when we get a pause in the orders.   So part of me never wants to see it again!  (But I totally do)  Contact him for pricing and lead times.  I’ve packed my Commander in this rig and it carried great.  Just the right positioning and angle.  It’s a solid holster.   Now, Owen wouldn’t want me to say this, but I’m going to.

His daughter is suffering from cancer and the medical bills have piled up.  He doesn’t want charity, but he would love to make you a holster.

Check out the holster:



8 thoughts on “A shout out to Big O Holsters”

  1. Ogre, I’m sorry for not having updated you.

    Sarah is no longer suffering. She passed away on July 20th.

    But, yes, I welcome the opportunity to make more holsters. They’re not as refined as those from Adams, whose work awes me, but I do my best.

    A better email address is bigogunleather@gmail.com.

    I can currently make holsters for most Glocks and 1911s, and a few other models. Pricing starts at $40, for the type of holster pictured above.

    1. I’m so sorry, Owen. I’ve not been keeping tabs on the facebook thing…. I didn’t know.
      I couldn’t imagine… I… don’t know what to say.

  2. Oh my God, I could never imagine the pain if I lost one of my daughters…you must be one strong father & husband to take that journey. My heart and prayers go out to you.

    I’ve been looking to no avail for a holster pretty much just like that for my STI Edge. She may be a “1911” but not even a hi-cap won’t fit properly. Could we help each other out here?

    1. I see what the problem is, Mattitude.

      The slide is all…..straight….at the bottom front, and the trigger guard is squared.

      I don’t have anything to mold with exactly, but I could adjust stitch lines accordingly and make you a holster that’s only detail-molded to the details your pistol DOES have…..

  3. Since my surname begins with “O” and we of the family seem to purchase all things we can with an “O” on them, from custom koozies to Bagley’s “Big O” lures, a well crafted holster with the “O” on it might be the ultimate coup! Thanks for sharing.

  4. There IS nothing to say, Ogre.

    And strength hss nothing to do with it. There’s just no choice.

    Two days after Sarah’s passing, my wife and I were at the funeral home when my wife received a text message from Sarah’s best friend, asking her to “lock” Sarah’s phone, because it kept dialing his. The phone was in my wife’s purse, in the car, which was locked. Call log showed four outgoing calls. He was NOT the last one called, NOT the first on her contact list, and she did NOT have speed-dial activated. Right before the funeral service, the pastor’s cell phone started ringing. He went to answer it, saying that he SWORE he’d turned it off. He pulled the phone from his pocket, and it stopped ringing. He opened the phone, and found that it WAS turned off. Nothing in the call log.

    Those things helped more than you could possibly imagine. That girl loved her phone…..

  5. First things first that looks like a good rig anyone would be happy to run their 1911 in;) Good work.

    I’ve been meaning to post since I read this but your right there just isn’t any way to say anything to help. My wife and I are so sorry for your loss and you’re in our prayers.

    Take care!


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