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Put this in your Kit: Sunjack 14W Solar Charger.

20160714_123633 (1)
In my Church, I’m the Goto Guy for Emergency Preparation.  Officially.   It’s my job in the church to know and teach this stuff.  CNET even reached out to me for information about EP and what they need to keep their Tech going in the case something bad happened… like their power went out.  Or they had to go outside.

I wish I had this before CNET talked to me… Because I’d have just said “Get a Sunjack”.

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Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

I got one tonight.  I’m geeking out about this thing. 
Quad core processor, 16 gigs, 7” screen, Wi-Fi, thin and light.
The Android OS is cool too.  See, I’m running Droid on my phone… I got all my apps and stuff… its all set up.
Now, when I started up the Nexus 7, I signed into Google and within seconds I had all my apps, pictures, everything.  Just like my phone.  And thanks to G-Drive and Cloud… I have all my Docs and Music.  Bam.  Just like that.
250 bucks.

Dear Adobe

You are fucking obnoxious. All I need you for is to read PDF’s. Yet you are constantly updating and being a fucking attention-whore about it when you are doing it. I can’t put you into the background or minimize you while you’re do your shit… you have to be on top of everything, in my way. If I slide you over to the side, you pop back up into the center. I’m trying to write a book over here, or look at funny cat videos – and you are always getting in my face. Judas Priest, man! You are like those Mexican Porn Flier People in Vegas. Can’t walk down the Strip without those clowns snapping their little fliers in your face… Adobe – you are just like that. And then you ask me to Reboot. Really? I’m in the middle of doing something and you are interrupting me, getting in my way, and then you want me to stop what I am doing. Are you serious? This isn’t Windows 95 anymore. I am getting really tired of you, Adobe.
Knock it off or I’m uninstalling your shit.

Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

I contacted Amazon about the Kindles.  2 are getting replaced free of charge.  The third was out of warranty.  40 bucks to replace that one.

These Kindles are for my boys, wife as an iPad.  I like my Smart Phone, but doing a lot of reading on it is less than optimal.  Id like a larger reader than my phone for myself…  I’m kinda digging the specs on the new Kindle Fire.

What says The Horde?

Not happy with the Kindles.

The Amazon Kindle Reader.  We’ve got 3 of them at Ogre Ranch.  All three of them are DOA.  Floating belly up.  Circling the drain.  They are Late Kindles.  The Spark of Kindle Life is extinguished.

Each one was working fine… and then just stopped powering on, waking up, or whatever the thing does – it’s not doing it anymore.  No blunt force trauma to them.  No immersion in fluids.  Nothing was done to them… they just stopped working.

Anyone know what we can do with these Dead Kindles?

When I buy one for myself… I think I’m going to have to go with the B&N Nook.

Chromed out

Since the early days of Mozilla, I had always been a supporter.  To the point of donating over 200 dollars to the foundation for further development.  I used to use the Mozzila suite, and finally converted to Firefox after that became the big thing…. And I faithfully used it… Until recently.
I found myself growing tired of Firefoxes bloat and memory issues and sudden tantrums and crashes.  So I once again looked at Chrome, and I looked at it hard.   No bloat. No memory leaks. No crashing. It just worked.
I found myself using Chrome more and more, and Firefox less and less… Then I realized that I don’t use Firefox anymore.
Looking foreward to Chrome for the Android.

Technology Enhanced

Gundoc and I are both now sporting new HTC Sensation smart phones.  These things do freaking everything.  2 dual core processors that make this cell phone faster than most of the computers I’ve ever owned.  Certainly faster than my HP Mini Netbooks.

Glympse, so my Homies know where I’m rolling when I am in SLC – or going to and from SLC.  Google Doc, so I can write Uprising as I am inspired.  1080P Video that can upload straight to YouTube so when I’m out at the range, blowing things up with some firepower from Crusader Weaponry – I can show it off.  More product highlights from The Gun Counter.  All that.

Oh, and better yet – Crusader Students can actually get a hold of me when they are lost trying to find The Training Range. It’s all good like that.   Speaking of Training, we’re going to be doing a couple training classes after GunDoc and I spend a little time Sharpening our Skills with Massad Ayoob at his MAG-40 Class.  Instructors are Perpetual Students themselves, and If my edge is dull, I can’t sharpen yours.  So look at the Crusader Weaponry website and Facebook Page for those classes.

Dissapointed in the Atom

I’ve decided that I totally hate Netbooks.  This unit is as decked out as you can get it.  Big optional hard drive for storage.  Lots of RAMs running around.  In fact with RAM and HD space, it’s actually just as good as my late Laptop… but that’s where the good points end.  The wireless antenna sucks and gives crap for signal strength, even when within feet of a wireless access point.  But that’s fine, I can live with that.  But what really sucks the most is the little anemic processor.
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