13 thoughts on “The most tactical guy evar”

  1. That’s nice. Now run 10 miles carrying all that shit.

    I think a simple M-4gery with maybe one small scope on it will start to look good after that.

  2. Kind of off topic. But from what I read the troops in the field feel they are carrying to much mandated crap. They could pursue better and actually take take fewer casualties if they didn’t have to wear armor in the higher terrain. The spec op guys will often leave the body armor, the helmets, and other stuff behind and carry food, ammo, and radios depending on mission. I’ve read in several military histories about troops starting out carrying everything but the kitchen sink into war. By the end they are stripped way down. Some of the Civil war stories are somewhat humorous in that regard. One lady small deputy sheriff once told me that her load out was up to 25 pounds, and she was worried that her back and feet were going to go before she hit retirement. Since the majority of it was around the waste. Her companion a big old boy, wasn’t too thrilled either. His theory was the load was keeping people in the cars too much.

    1. Yeah, its difficult to choose what might be necesary or not. One example from the movie “Blackhawk down” where they choosed to not carry the night optics in favor of more water. When the plan went to hell, as they always do, they got stuck in the night without night vision, maybe their best advantage over the somalis. But, weight is always an issue.


  3. In my head tactical always gets read craptical. It’s like the word gay or partner, it’s been twisted and it’s original use forever tainted if not lost altogether. Humorous parody though, it was a parody right?

  4. That was so funny! These guys are really clever. Love the outtake reel at the end. I don’t know how they stop laughing enough to roll any video at all 🙂

  5. Funny stuff…but somehow I feel dumber after watching it…..”I need tactical” my new zombie moan.

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