Remember September 11th.

There are many images of September 11th… The images of the wounds we suffered as a Nation.  However, this is the image that I’ve selected.  It shows quite simply, that we will endure.  We will not forget.  We will not forgive.  And we will become stronger after our wounds heal.

As much of a disaster that September 11th was, the Obama Administration has been far worse for us.  Some days I read the news and I think “Screw this… I’ll move my family to Argentina.”  Because I look at these reports of the TSA raping our Constitutional Rights… and people put up with it.  Our money for “Stimulus” to create jobs – in China… and people put up with it.  Big Sis pointing her hateful, spiteful, ignorant, fat finger at us and saying that We The People are suspect… and people put up with it. This isn’t the same country that I swore an Oath to Defend. Makes me want to pack up and ship off.

And then I look at this photo… and I’m reminded that we will endure this too.  We’ll take back our Government next year.  We’ll fix this FUBAR country and set things right.  I pray to God that next year the Obama Administration will be ridden out of Washington DC on rails.

Crusader Weaponry is Awesome

These are some of our Broadswords.  SR-25 Type .308 rifles and carbines that give Precision Accuracy with Reliability, these will go toe to toe against rifle systems that cost twice as much… and then spank them.  These guns shoot like you are shooting a 556 weapon… and our 556 weapons shoot so soft you think your shooting a rifle with a .22LR kit in it except they don’t jam.

Our Slipstream is also being used on Robots in the War Zone… it makes every mechanical system it’s applied to run better.

Save the Boron for your Laundry.

You know, I hate it when this happens… Got an email from a fellow who’s not alone out there in his quest for a Reliable Weapon:

Surfing through youtube and I came across MadOgre’s video which led me to your video about the permanent slipstream treatment. Very interested in your product.  But first let me give you a brief history of me trying to smooth out my BCG.  I bought a Daniel Defense bcg, great product, but I wanted to make it even better by plating it with nickel boron.  So I sent in my bcg to a company in Michigan in which they plated the bolt carrier, pivot pin and bolt.  They did a great job…but after a couple of hundred rounds through the rifle the bcg started changing colors, almost as if the burnt powder just cooked itself onto the hot bolt and stayed like that permenantly.  Shot a few more hundred round afterwards cleaned my bolt and it seem to have somewhat of a pink-ish or copper spots on the bolt in some areas now.  I contacted the company and they said the color change is normal but not the pink spots and they advised me to send it back.  The companies customer service is great, but i’m done with the company’s cheap work and want my bolt to be completely slippery and clean up to be a breeze.  I need to soak and scrub the heck out of my bcg with a bronze brush. I was hoping to just wipe it off with a towel seeing how its nickel boron plated, but that’s a no go. Well my questions, or wants are, can slipstream permanent coating make my bcg slippery like the POF bcg (which uses NP3 coating and is super slippery) and will cleaning my bcg be a breeze?  Basically can slipstream deliver.  Thank you for your time.

It’s really too bad that people out there are treating their guns with Boron.  To me, this makes about as much sense as rubbing a bar of soap on your gun parts.  Yeah, that’s fine, and that can work for awhile.  But it’s less than ideal.

Crusader Weaponry’s permanent Slipstream treatment, the ST-1 and ST-2, has been independently tested by a third part to last twice as long as other permanent lubrication treatments… detergent based or otherwise.

Note about my Jibe: Borax is the commercial name for a detergent that uses a Boron Compound in their soap.  Boron also has a lot of other industrial uses… none of which are really Lubrication.  Anti-Fungal agent for fiberglass… sure.  Coating your Bolt Carrier Group in your battle rifle… not so much.  Whatever.  Use whatever you like.  It’s your life… and maybe others.

Why do YOU need training?

I got a smart-ass email from someone who thinks they know more than they do.

“I thought you were a Trainer. Why do YOU need training?  Not as good you wish you were?”

You know, that’s a good question.  Most of the serious trainers that know never miss a chance to continue their own education. I dare say the best trainers never stop learning themselves.  When you stop learning yourself, you stagnate. Your instruction stagnates.  There are some of those trainers out there who think they are so all that, that they wouldn’t dare lower themselves to be a student again.  That arrogance isn’t a good thing, not for them and not for their students.  Their only remaining value is having a “Name” and students can then brag that they trained with them… because the actual value of that training stagnates with the trainer.  I could name names, but I don’t want to start any fights or flame wars or foster any animosity.  I’ll just say this, the best in the business know that they need to continually sharpen their swords.  Those that don’t, they know who they are.  The day I decide to stop learning, that’s the day I stop teaching too.

Custom TC Encore.

For some time I’ve been wanting an Encore rifle.  Unfortunately, TC doesn’t make one that I want.  Here’s the run down.

Stainless receiver. Polished blued barrel. Walnut stocks. With barrels in 7mm Rem Mag, .338 Win Mag, .25-06, .375H&H and a 12 gauge rifled barrel.  Then a couple short 16″ barrels in .308, .223, and .30-30… and I’m thinking a .35 Whelen and 7-30 Waters. A nice collection. There are several gunsmiths out there that specialize in TC Encore triggers, and this would also be a requirement for me.   Parting it out, I’m probably looking at about 800 bucks for the first set up brand new, and then additional costs for the other barrels.   But I’m not sure if I am wanting brand new.  I’m thinking old… I’m thinking used.  Used guns often have more “soul” than a brand new gun.  I might start this as a “Project” gun.  No hurry to build this as I’m in no rush… but I’m going to work on this. Many are going to ask “Why”.  To those I simply ask “Why Not?” With a cool leather roll up kit for the barrels.  That would be very cool.

This is Uber-Un-Tactical.  I know.  Many MadOgre readers wont understand this as there are no Rails and Pmags to go with this Single Shot system.  No Bolt-Forward Assists or anything.  I mean, yeah, you can throw on a Ching-Sling and be psudo-tactical if you want, but a simple leather sling would be ideal.


Two were sworn to defend.

Yet again, American Soldiers were killed by a lunatic gunman. This time, two of them in an IHOP.  Sidearms and fixed bladed knives should be PART OF THE UNIFORM for ALL SERVICEMEN.
Yes, it would require more training.  So what?  Add it to Basic Training to come right after Basic Rifle Marksmanship.  Expand the Hand to Hand training as well.  Give them an extra 2 weeks training during Boot Camp for this.  But if you can’t trust them to be Armed and Responsible, then they should be in the Service to begin with.

Part of the Uniform.  Always on them.  Always.

Getting ready for the MAG-40 Class.

Crusader Weaponry was invited to Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 course coming up next week in SLC. Here’s the problem. I want to shoot the course with all my guns. Can’t do that. I have to pick just one. One gun, one holster.
Knee-Jerk option is one of my 1911’s. A newer style tactical 1911 that is all decked out, which was my first choice. Then part of me wants to run the course with my old GI 1911 in a G-Code holster, which I wear when working around the ranch or range.  That might be a solid option.  I wear that set up often now days.  Also worn often is my Glock 23, being packed in my Adams Holsters rig.   Choices choices choices.

Glock or 1911.  Hmmm.

The gunfight is going to happen. Bring it.

You know it’s coming. Grab your long gun and your side arm. I think I had that question four or five times today talking to different people. Not zombies, not monster hunting, but a simple good old fashioned gunfight. What will you bring to the fight? And don’t say “Friends with Guns.” Just you. High Noon.
In all seriousness, if I know a gunfight is going to happen, I’m bringing one of my 870 Tacticals… most likely my old Police Gun. It’s slick as hell, being all Slipstreamed and running as reliable as the Sun Rise. It’s going to be loaded with Federal Premium FC 00 Buck. My pistol is going to be my Glock 23 in .40, loaded up with Winchester PDX1’s.
Why? Because they are SIMPLE and they are RELIABLE. Above all, they are going to deliver my violent will when and where I need it. No bells and whistles and tricks to remember. They are potent enough, with enough firepower on tap to end a hostile encounter – and to win that encounter.
I was thinking about my Crusader tuned AR… Gun’s not a problem. But my optic runs on batteries. Will they fail me? I don’t know. My Shotgun’s sights wont. I was tempted to say my Springer GI – because I can hit with it very well. But I like hollow points and I just don’t know for an absolutely certainty that that old 1911 is going to run my PDX1’s as flawlessly as I require. My Glock does, and I have more in the gun with one mag than my 1911 has with two, and that is an advantage.
I trust my Glock. I trust my 870. I trust them with my life. Hype, popularity, online smack talk… I don’t have time for that. It’s about Trust. Also, if I have to go Mele… I’m bringing a baseball bat, a heavy wooden one. A Louisville Slugger. Just saying.