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Remember September 11th.

There are many images of September 11th… The images of the wounds we suffered as a Nation.  However, this is the image that I’ve selected.  It shows quite simply, that we will endure.  We will not forget.  We will not forgive.  And we will become stronger after our wounds heal.

As much of a disaster that September 11th was, the Obama Administration has been far worse for us.  Some days I read the news and I think “Screw this… I’ll move my family to Argentina.”  Because I look at these reports of the TSA raping our Constitutional Rights… and people put up with it.  Our money for “Stimulus” to create jobs – in China… and people put up with it.  Big Sis pointing her hateful, spiteful, ignorant, fat finger at us and saying that We The People are suspect… and people put up with it. This isn’t the same country that I swore an Oath to Defend. Makes me want to pack up and ship off.

And then I look at this photo… and I’m reminded that we will endure this too.  We’ll take back our Government next year.  We’ll fix this FUBAR country and set things right.  I pray to God that next year the Obama Administration will be ridden out of Washington DC on rails.