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Ballistic Theater

Ballistic Theater.  A live Spreecast discussion of movies and TV for gun guys by gun guys.  Wednesday nights at 8pm EST.   Daniel Shaw, host of Gunfighter Cast and head of Paratus Academy and yours truly, George “The Mad Ogre” Hill.
First episode:  Getting To Know Your Hosts – Our Favorite Gun Movies.

This has been two years in the making.  Daniel had to move from Japan to the East Coast.  George had to move from Utah to the East Coast.  No excuses.  No quarter.  No Editing.  No missing this…  We’re not Pod Casting This… We’re doing this Live.

MAG-40 Photos

Part of the class. Couldn't get them all in one photo.
Massad Ayoob doing his thing.
My qualification target, 298 out of 300.


Mas's lectures were always captivating.
A pair of Gun Dudes
Shaw of Japan, aka Gunfighter Cast. Fantastic shooting.
Gundoc's target. Great shooting for Crusader's Gunsmith.


Mas teaches the legal matters better than anyone else in the business.
Bring sack lunches... you eat during the lectures.
Upon request, I actually signed a Kindle. Yes, I'm still geeking out about that.
A Graduation I actually attended!

On Gunfighter Cast again.

Had a great interview/talk/conversation with our friend Daniel Shaw on the Gunfighter Cast.

We of course talked about the book “Uprising“.  During the conversation I didn’t realize how much time it was till I hung up the phone… 87 minutes.  Good grief.  The Podcast is of course edited down for time and content… but it just shows that it was a good time.  A good time makes for good listening.

How to Not Shoot Yourself. By Daniel Shaw

Guest post:  How to Not Shoot Yourself.  By Daniel Shaw

 Shooters who subscribe to the Ogre’s blog or social networking sites were likely to have seen, in late June, the YouTube video of a gentleman who was doing some training that resulted in him shooting himself in the leg. From his language and the way he handled the pistol after shooting himself, I gathered that he was not a novice. His main purpose of posting the embarrassing video was to let viewers know that negligent discharges could happen to anyone. Even the most skilled and experienced shooters can make bad decisions through complacency and those decisions could lead to an accidental discharge.

Continue reading How to Not Shoot Yourself. By Daniel Shaw

Fear, and the First Amendment.

Fear at the First Amendment, by Daniel Shaw

In September of 2010 Terry Jones, a church pastor in Gainesville Florida, caused a worldwide uproar by scheduling an event called “burn a Koran day”. After receiving phone calls from the Defense Secretary Robert Gates and multiple visits from FBI agents, Jones cancelled the event. The opposition to the event was very large to say the least. Some opposed the event for the sake of tolerance while others cited security risks that would likely result from such actions. The US Attorney General Eric Holder referred to the Koran burning as “idiotic and dangerous” while a spokesman for the State Department called it “un-American”. The public destruction of any symbol, book, or flag that represents the values and beliefs of any group of people is disrespectful, but what can possibly be more un-American than a government spokesperson calling an exercise in one’s freedom of speech un-American? Continue reading Fear, and the First Amendment.