Crusader Weaponry is Awesome

These are some of our Broadswords.  SR-25 Type .308 rifles and carbines that give Precision Accuracy with Reliability, these will go toe to toe against rifle systems that cost twice as much… and then spank them.  These guns shoot like you are shooting a 556 weapon… and our 556 weapons shoot so soft you think your shooting a rifle with a .22LR kit in it except they don’t jam.

Our Slipstream is also being used on Robots in the War Zone… it makes every mechanical system it’s applied to run better.

6 thoughts on “Crusader Weaponry is Awesome”

  1. Just got a used utility body for my truck. The rear two doors had stuck latches when I bought it. Had to drill out the rivets and remove them, then douse them in various solvents to clean out more than a decade worth of crud. They’re running WD-40, right now, to continue working crud loose, but I figure I’m going to try some Slipstream on them.

    So, my question is… oil or grease? The grease has more staying power, but the oil will flow into the pivots and such, easier…

  2. Yeah, so … how much? Since I have a real job again I am thinking about a rifle. I currently lean toward a Springfield M1A, like the Scout Squad, but my mind could be redirected by a reasonable dollar amount I guess. I know diddley about battle rifles, but I’m pretty sure I want a .30 caliber.

    I like the concept of the Broadsword, I might go that way instead. I’ll save optics for later, so I need iron sights to get started. That is one purty chunk of metal, especially the last one in the photos.

    I’m game, how many American dollars to ride the pride?

    1. Look I have shot AR-10 Type rifles and base on that I bought a SCAR-17S, at first it might not seem the way to go but put one in your hands and you will quickly see its the way to go.

      1. But you’ve not shot the Crusader… So your point is invalid. The SCAR-17S is a fine weapon, but it’s not a Crusader.

  3. Am having a hard time believing all the hype about how you guys have created the ne-plus-ultra of AR’s. After all those years of trashin the M16/AR15 weapon system, it just looks very suspicious that the ogre is standing full force behind an AR15 clone now that he and his friends stand to make some money selling ARs.

    I find it easier to believe that Bill Clinton didn’t inhale, Janet Reno is a man and that global warming is the cause of record snowfalls this winter, than to believe in such a thing as a reliable AR.

    1. I also did a Pod Cast on “Why I Love The AR-15”. But no one listened. Most AR makers now know how to build a good AR. Crusader knows how to build the best AR’s. Don’t believe it if you don’t want to. But things have gotten better since I wrote that Hate article 10 years ago.
      Not recognizing that is like not recognizing your kid after 10 years because he developed over time too.

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