Custom TC Encore.

For some time I’ve been wanting an Encore rifle.  Unfortunately, TC doesn’t make one that I want.  Here’s the run down.

Stainless receiver. Polished blued barrel. Walnut stocks. With barrels in 7mm Rem Mag, .338 Win Mag, .25-06, .375H&H and a 12 gauge rifled barrel.  Then a couple short 16″ barrels in .308, .223, and .30-30… and I’m thinking a .35 Whelen and 7-30 Waters. A nice collection. There are several gunsmiths out there that specialize in TC Encore triggers, and this would also be a requirement for me.   Parting it out, I’m probably looking at about 800 bucks for the first set up brand new, and then additional costs for the other barrels.   But I’m not sure if I am wanting brand new.  I’m thinking old… I’m thinking used.  Used guns often have more “soul” than a brand new gun.  I might start this as a “Project” gun.  No hurry to build this as I’m in no rush… but I’m going to work on this. Many are going to ask “Why”.  To those I simply ask “Why Not?” With a cool leather roll up kit for the barrels.  That would be very cool.

This is Uber-Un-Tactical.  I know.  Many MadOgre readers wont understand this as there are no Rails and Pmags to go with this Single Shot system.  No Bolt-Forward Assists or anything.  I mean, yeah, you can throw on a Ching-Sling and be psudo-tactical if you want, but a simple leather sling would be ideal.


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  1. There is a hard core group of hunters that prefer the single shot rifle and particularly like the ability to swap barrels for different terrain and game. In a lot of situations you’ll be on your hind legs and will only get one shot anyway. It is an Extremely cost efficient system. My problem is that I just can’t warm up to a break action rifle. The problem with that is the single shot rifles in with falling block or rolling block cost more than bolt action rifles in equivalent calibers. A buddy of mine hunts boars/hogs with a TC in .45-70. He likes it because it is light and short for the barrel length and easier to maneuver in thick country.

  2. Do they still make one with the etching on the frame with the mountain lion (I think it was a mountain lion) on a natural ledge? Because I’ve always wanted one in good ol’ .44 magnum

  3. Be aware that most TC barrels suck.

    They have to make them with deep throated chambers to avoid some clown kaboom-ing himself by closing the action on an over-length round. So for most factory barrels, you cannot handload a round long enough to have the bullet touching the ends of the rifling.


    Get the action and then get a custom barrel from folks like Bullberry, or Ed’s Contenders. You will also want a Stratton custom hanger bar, and stocks to match.

    Also be sure to fit a pistol barrel and pistol grip to the action as your first act with the frame. That way it is legally a pistol. You can then legally carbine it.

    If you fit a rifle barrel and stock first, you need a form 1 ( SBR ) to put a pistol grip and barrel on it later. The SCOTUS TC decision only applies to TC, not the end users.

    1. You mean SBR it? Carbines are perfectly legal. I’m not going to go with any pistols on the Encore frame. I’ve no interest in that.

      1. Once a rifle, always a rifle. Put a pistol barrel and grip on it first.

        Then you can switch between pistol and rifle without paperwork.

        If you put a rifle stock on it first, it will always be a rifle in the eyes of the BATFE.

        Yes, it is very silly.

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