The gunfight is going to happen. Bring it.

You know it’s coming. Grab your long gun and your side arm. I think I had that question four or five times today talking to different people. Not zombies, not monster hunting, but a simple good old fashioned gunfight. What will you bring to the fight? And don’t say “Friends with Guns.” Just you. High Noon.
In all seriousness, if I know a gunfight is going to happen, I’m bringing one of my 870 Tacticals… most likely my old Police Gun. It’s slick as hell, being all Slipstreamed and running as reliable as the Sun Rise. It’s going to be loaded with Federal Premium FC 00 Buck. My pistol is going to be my Glock 23 in .40, loaded up with Winchester PDX1’s.
Why? Because they are SIMPLE and they are RELIABLE. Above all, they are going to deliver my violent will when and where I need it. No bells and whistles and tricks to remember. They are potent enough, with enough firepower on tap to end a hostile encounter – and to win that encounter.
I was thinking about my Crusader tuned AR… Gun’s not a problem. But my optic runs on batteries. Will they fail me? I don’t know. My Shotgun’s sights wont. I was tempted to say my Springer GI – because I can hit with it very well. But I like hollow points and I just don’t know for an absolutely certainty that that old 1911 is going to run my PDX1’s as flawlessly as I require. My Glock does, and I have more in the gun with one mag than my 1911 has with two, and that is an advantage.
I trust my Glock. I trust my 870. I trust them with my life. Hype, popularity, online smack talk… I don’t have time for that. It’s about Trust. Also, if I have to go Mele… I’m bringing a baseball bat, a heavy wooden one. A Louisville Slugger. Just saying.

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  1. If I know a gun fight is going to happen, I won’t be there. I’ll deal with him/her/it later where and when I choose to do so.

    If someone needs killin’, I ain’t fighting fair. “Gunfight” implies that the target will be shooting back.

  2. Well I gotta say my mossberg 500 and my 1911, I trust both entirely and the 1911 feeds modern rounds fine, shotgun with buck.

    Granted avoiding the fight would be preferred 😉

  3. My Glock 31, my SP-101 as a hideaway backup and my Springfield Scout Squad M1-A. For melee, one of my Ontario GI machetes, to which I’ve cut the tip into a bowie point, and my CS Trench hawk.

  4. Gunfight? High noon? Hmmm, not really a fan of that plan. Sounds like it lacks sufficient cover…

    That said, I know exactly what (and where, lol) my “go to” guns are. Going into harms way it’ll either be a sig an m&p on my hip, TAPs on tap. Long gun, its hard to say. Right now my vz, but i’m not as 100% with it as i’d like. Got several longuns I *like*, but none that I really trust. Which is something that needs fixing!

  5. Change that to an alluminum bat [won’t break] and we’re there.
    Sure wish I had a dozen Claymores though.

  6. 40 watt plasma rifle. Assuming I can’t find one….a glock in 10mm and a .308 battle rifle with an Aimpoint. G-3, FAL or M-14…I love’em all. Especially a crusader Broadsword!

  7. My Remington 700 and my Jeep parked far far away on a hill in the dark.

    If you’re in a fair fight your tactics suck.

  8. Springfield widebody. 13+1 of +P .45ACP hollowpoints will take care of most issues. Plus, I’ll have that, regardless. If I’m wearing pants, I’m wearing that pistol. I might add something else, in addition, but that one’s always with me.

    Hey, how much does it cost to do the Slipstream treatment on a P7M13? Because I’d definitely carry that as a backup, if it were a hair more reliable. I know some folks have troubles with theirs, but mine’s 99.9% reliable – which is just a hair short of reliable enough for me to carry…

    Of the long guns that I currently have, either my ’94, since a lever is fast and the magazine capacity is good, or my model 70 in .270, if there’s a chance I can deal with the situation from a greater distance (would depend in large part upon terrain – long-distance shots in NH are not common)(the .270 is very flat-shooting, though, so I don’t have to worry about detailed ranging under stress).

    Now, if I can dream, I’ll just grab a radio, yell, “Thor” and some coordinates, and watch the other guy through dark glasses…

  9. I’ll just hide until they get bored and leave, then follow them to their hideout and put icepicks in their ears. ;->=

    Failing that it’s my G17, with a G19 as backup stoked with Federal 9BPLE and a SW442 as Oh Crap! with Nyclads. My 870 with Federal 00LERR and some slugs. Mid-range, my FS with Hornady 50grVMAX.
    Upclose and personal, Gerber MKII and a ‘hawk.

  10. CZ-75, it’s either that or the M&P 9 and I’m a better shot with the CZ. Then my XCR, which has proved reliable so far. Tough call between that and the Mossberg 500, but I just got it and am not used to shotguns, especially the sights (rather embarrassing, actually).

  11. The only firearm I actually own is a Browning Buckmark Carbine and I only have 2 mags for it.

    Mind you, living in the UK I already out-gun more than 99% of the population.

    20 rounds of .22 does not go far in an actual gunfight, so I’ll have resort to guerrilla tactics and close range sniping.

    For up close and dirty work, I have a short British Army Machete that’ll work well enough.

  12. If I can plan out the fight in advance, I’m likely to have my entire armory with me. But if this is the kind of fight that I have to walk to, my SMLE with the original peep sights, Remington 870 with slugs as a second stringer if I’m up to the schlep, Springfield XD .45 on my belt (spare magazine on the other side), with a Kel-Tec P-11 in my pocket and a five-shot snubby on my ankle.

    As others have pointed out, though, it’s best to decline the invitation to a gunfight, when that’s possible. When it’s not, you’re likely to have to fight it with whatever you have on your person at that moment.

  13. Benelli Armi, Frankenstein 1911 or Glock 21sf, Ka-Bar Black Fighter, a shovel, and a glass of water so I can urinate on their grave when I’m done.

  14. CZ 75b, currently the only “fighting” pistol I own. Have grampa’s 1911 but it is apart for some work(been working on it for years) and don’t know how it would fair with modern ammo. The CZ has eaten everything I’ve fed it, from Cor-bon +p and Hydroshocks to steel cased Wolf and aluminum cased Blazer. Plus I have 2k+ rounds for it.

    Would have brought out the 18″ 870, but now have an M&P15. I’m fine with the irons from 5-200 yards and also got a few k rounds. The 10 round mags(I swear I own no 30s in NJ…)give me a capacity advantage over the shotty.

  15. Ideally I’d bring my AR15 carbine and my normal carry 1911. 230gr XTPs in the 1911, and with sufficient notice 60gr TAP for general use with a couple mags of 62gr Tac-X for the carbine.

    If I had to pick guns based on the ammo I actually have available at this moment I would bring my M1A Scout with 147gr ball and a 1911 with 230gr XTPs. I can’t run an M1A as well as an AR, but I also don’t have a lot of faith in the AE223 55gr FMJ I have available.

  16. Being that this is a complete fantasy scenario, I’m going big. I would choose the minigun and backpack of ammo that Blaine (Jesse Ventura) had in “Predator”…I don’t think a backup would be all that necessary, but I do have a Cold Steel indestructible baseball bat. Personally I tend to avoid activities that have a good chance of killing me and I rather trouble come to me instead of me going into trouble. I ain’t 20 anymore and full of piss and vinegar.

  17. Hey Mr. Ogre,

    I have a question for ya — Do you think that a permanent Slipstream treatment on a FAL would be able to mitigate its historic weaknesses in dusty and frigid conditions?

    I theorize that Slipstream along the bolt carrier rails would allow the bolt carrier to glide over possible grains of sands, but I am not sure.

    Any ideas?

  18. Well my sidearm is my CCW – Sig P228 currently running Winchester PDX1’s with MecGar 15rd Mags I’ve got 46rds on my person, its Slipstreamed up and ready to roll. Then I’d pack my Sig 556 which is currently loaded up with Hornady Taps in 75gr its favorite – and put fresh batteries in my scope just to be sure. Finally I’d probably roll the Enfield for work at a distance – just try and keep up with that bolt (and that was before it had slipstream for breakfast).

    For melee I’d say my Enfield but if I can specialize I’d say a Grissom WarHawk custom and a… um… I need a really big knife…

  19. LMT M4 stoked with 10+ mags of Hornady 75gr TAP, G17 with as many mags of CorBon DPX as I can carry, and for the close in “ticklish” work the Grayman 8″ Sub-Saharan my sweetie gave me last Christmas

    A few years ago it would have been a “no brainer” to pick a .45ACP as my handgun caliber, but after doing the research (you can find it…it’s out there) I realized that there’s no appreciable difference in stopping power between 9mm, 40S&W, and .45ACP. The only pistol caliber round that TRULY lives up to the legend is the .357Sig for the vaunted one-shot-stop. So, knowing all of this, I want the pistol that I can stuff the most BBs in. As a 5″, .45ACP, 1911 “bigot” for many years, I finally made peace with the 9mm now that companies like CorBon (DPX & PowRBall) and Winchester (Ranger SXT LE) have made such progress.

    For you 1911 “drivers” concerned with feeding your piece hollowpoints, take a look at PowRBall in its 165gr round.


  20. Jeez! All I have for that scenario is a Mini 14, a Mossberg 12 ga and a S&W 686+. I think I’ll let the badazzes handle this one…

    I oiled the 686 with slipstream does that count? 🙂

  21. Kimber .45 on my hip +3 mags
    S&W M19 2.5″ shoulder holster + 4 speedloaders
    S&W 442 ankle + 2 speedstrips
    Marlin 336 .30-30
    7″ Ka-bar
    Tac-vest with lots of .30-30 ammo

  22. Fast forwarding since I haven’t been able to send my .44 AMP AR to Crusader yet for Slipstreaming and mag tweaking…

    But yeah. My .44 AMP AR 10 which according to the upper’s builder, has very little recoil. And this was before the Shrewd MB was installed. That’s what I would bring. Not sure what bullets I’d use first for reloading. I might try old faithful. 240 grain Hornady XTP. I know, boring for some. But if the load data says 1,500 out of a 6.5” tube. I’m sure it will do a bit better with a 16” tube. I’ll definitely be trying all kinds of bullets and weights down the road. Well, as long as I think they’ll feed.

    Sidearm would be my SIG 229 SCT 9mm because that is currently my “event” pistol. No surprises. No malfs. Very accurate. 115 grain Cor Bon DPX. Grizzly Extreme once I get my hands on some.

    Mossberg 500 Tac Cruiser with Vang Comp +1 extension tube, Mossberg railed forend, Knoxx Breachers Grip and Laserlyte green laser in a custom Kydex sheath over my right shoulder. Any copper plated 00 or 000 load would be okay by me. As long as it was a 3” shell.

  23. Well, assuming this is totally theoretical…

    A radio with an AC-130U on the other end.

    Barring that, I’d want a Cursader Weaponry AR-15 carbine in .300 AAC Blackout, a S&W M&P45 with the extended magazines, and my three best friends providing long-range cover fire with their rifles (scoped .30-06 Remington, Mosin-Nagant, and an M1 Garand respectively).

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