Getting ready for the MAG-40 Class.

Crusader Weaponry was invited to Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 course coming up next week in SLC. Here’s the problem. I want to shoot the course with all my guns. Can’t do that. I have to pick just one. One gun, one holster.
Knee-Jerk option is one of my 1911’s. A newer style tactical 1911 that is all decked out, which was my first choice. Then part of me wants to run the course with my old GI 1911 in a G-Code holster, which I wear when working around the ranch or range.  That might be a solid option.  I wear that set up often now days.  Also worn often is my Glock 23, being packed in my Adams Holsters rig.   Choices choices choices.

Glock or 1911.  Hmmm.

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  1. 1911, obviously. Every training class is a learning experience more learning opportunity with a 1911.

  2. I’m going to point to the prior posting where you stated you’d be bringing your Glock to a gunfight.

    Now, with that in mind, are you doing that because you’re more comfortable with the Glock? If so, will you get more out of the class if you go with the gun you’re most comfortable with, being the Glock? Or are you thinking more in terms of reliability with the Glock, and it won’t impact the course much whether the weapon is reliable?

    I’m all for bringing one of the 1911s, but it does seem odd that you’re going to MAG-40, can bring only one gun, and you’re not certain which one… right after saying there’s only one gun you’d bring to a gunfight. Well, one pistol.

  3. Unless you’re gonna tag out in a gunfight I would keep these decisions to yourself because you might regret some of the outside influence.

  4. Ogre,

    Glocks definitely lack “cool factor”–but they friggin’ WORK. Not the best gun for everybody, but if you would reach for the Glock in a self-defense situation: take the Glock.

    I’m writing this because I would be a bit self-conscious in a MAG class. I might try to rock the Massad Ayoob Ed Brown, but I really don’t think they care. (Plus, I would feel like a fanboy).

    You love the 23–run that gun.

    When I do the MAG-40 next year, I will email you to give me the same advice. 😉

    As guys, gun-envy can cloud our judgement.

    Just my $.02– can’t wait to read your posts about the class!

  5. There is an old saying about “dancing with the one you came with.”

    If you predomantly carry your glock 23, I would take it to Mag-40 class.

    Years ago I attended Gunsight Academy. I would have loved to have taken my 1911. After much thought, I knew the that if I was in a deadly force situation I would probably have a glock on my hip (due to profesional requirements), and not my 1911.

    Needles to say I took the glock to school.

  6. Take the Glock and some spare parts. You might even want to replace the springs before you go. Unless your performance with the 1911 is way better than with the Glock I’d go with the Glock for the KISS factor and I don’t particularly like Glocks.

  7. I say take a 1911, really test the limits of what Slipstream can do. Maybe your Sig Tac Ops with slipstream can be made to run like a glock.

  8. As much as I truly LOVE the 1911… it would come down to what I expect to be carrying and training with.
    If the glock is your go to sidearm, then with heavy heart… I would suggest you use it.
    Hell, you know what is best for you… the rest of this is just background chatter. 😀


  9. I’m just saying that there is more to learn with a 1911. A Glock not much to learn. If you’re going to a training class to compete with the guy next to you take a Glock. If you want to learn to operate under stress then you have a lot more areas of learning with a 1911. The two biggest “teachable moments” that I’ve will never forget with a Glock were during two different trainings classes: when the trigger spring broke and I was hosed, and with range required lead free ammunition I had the slide lock HARD from a double feed. In contrast with a 1911 there is a bit of Zen. There’s a reason why P08’s have come and gone yet the 1911 keeps rocking after 100 years. If you take a training class and view it as a job take a Glock but if you take a training to improve the quality of your tool-set then take a 1911. To quote a famous firearms instructor, the mind is like a parachute. I works best when it is open.

  10. You can shoot more than one gun at MAG-40 if you really want to. I brought 4 guns when I took it just in case one of them had problems, and I did have problems including front sight coming apart and so forth. If possible it’d be best to use the same single gun through a single day’s shooting, as there may not be easy provision to change out gear during shooting. Generally there should be a shooting session each day of the course, so that’s about 4 different range sessions, each one of which you could gear up differently if you wanted to.

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