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That’s your Dynasty?

The NDAA was passed into law. Meaning that the Government can sweep you up and lock you away indefinitely without due process. It’s pretty much the suspension of our constitutional rights. Innocent until proven guilty? Gone. Speedy trial? Gone. Right to face your accuser? Gone. The Constitution? It’s a foot note in the history books now.
But who cares? Some guy on a TV Reality Show got booted!
Republicans locked armed with Democrats and voted to cut the benefits and healthcare for Vets… But didn’t make any cuts on themselves… and of course, by the standing law they put into place, they will continue to get an increase ever year.
But who cares? Some guy on a TV Reality Show got booted?
And if they are not talking about Phil Robertson (Yeah, I know his name because I’ve met him. I’ve not watched his show) they are talking about Miley Circus shaking her boney ass.
What about Obama making up rules and changing laws at his own whim? The NSA is recording fucking everything… It’s all out of control.

I’m sorry but I thought I remember growing up and learning that we had 3 branches of the Government and that it was the Legislative Branch’s job to make the laws, and the Executive Branch’s job to enforce them, and then the Judicial Branch to make sure it was all legit.
All of this is a sad puppet show now. It’s political theatre… and the show is a Satire.

So maybe there is no difference anymore with talking about one Performer, Phil, or the other, Obama.

The Government makes me feel so greatly disappointed that guys like West and Mattis haven’t take shit over. There’s a Ticket I could vote for. Take it over, knock it down and hit the big red RESET button and put the laws back to how they were originally. Because it was pretty damn good then.
All men, created equal… That says it all right there.


So just who is Rick Santorum?  What has he done to make him qualified to be president? 
I want to hear from people from his home state… You guys tell me.  I want to hear from first hand sources.
I know he’s conservative and pro second.  That’s it.  Now he’s a front runner.

Iowa Caucus.

I have a big problem with the Republican Caucuses.  A lot of people who showed up had no Party Affiliation, or affiliations with parties other than the GOP.  If this is a GOP Party Caucus – the only people voting  should be members of the GOP, and I’d even go so far as to say Dues Paid, Card Carrying Members.

Letting these Primaries be open like they are – Non-Republicans are picking the Republican Candidates.  And no one in the GOP has a problem with this?  This is why we had McStain last time!

Cain is Out

I’m not happy about Cain dropping out.  I’m not surprised either.  Cain really was one of the best options and would have made a great President.
This leaves Mitt and Newt.  Sounds more like a Sit-Com than a Presidential race.  The upshot is that either one will do just fine… A Hell of a lot better than what we’ve had.  Neither of them are the perfect choice… Then again, there is no perfect choice.  People with the flawless backgrounds, the good upbringing, history, and the brains to really run things… They are busy actually running things and not running races.
So we end up with The Mitt & Newts Show.
I think I’d rather see Newt win than Mitt.  But Mitt would do a good job.


The more I hear Cain… the more I like him.  Perry continues to fall from my favor. I especially didn’t like Perry’s accusation that Romney leaked Cain’s past issue after all evidence pointed at Perry’s camp.  That was very Jr. High of Perry.

Cain just looks better and better.

Everything I needed to know about Huntsman

Is summed up right here. 25K to Harry Reid?  Let’s also not forget he dropped being the Utah State Governor so he could accept Obama’s appointment to be Ambassador to China.  Yeah, I don’t think I could play ball with Huntsman.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the Huntsman family and everything they have done for the State of Utah… The Huntsman Cancer Institute is the best in the nation.  When my Grandfather was stricken with cancer, he went there… and he was treated with the utmost dignity and careful attention… better than any hospital treating any patient I have ever seen.  I appreciate that greatly.

But I could never vote for any Huntsman for any office.  Sorry.

Sarah Palin

Let me tell you, I like Sarah Palin.  She’s a bit polarizing… of course that like saying that Cayenne Pepper is a bit hot.  But that’s one of the reasons I like her.  She flat out scares the Liberal Left.  She embodies everything the Liberals tend to hate on.  She gets Conservatives fired up, brings in the crowds, and brings in the funds. She is a serious political force to be reckoned with.  This is why there has been a concerted effort since the beginning to ruin her.   Much like Rush Limbaugh, “it’s cool” to dislike Sarah Palin.  To dislike Sarah Palin is to take the more politically aware higher ground.  As if there is a superiority factor to dislike her, and the Tea Party… just like using a Mac at a Starbucks.  Continue reading Sarah Palin

Utah is Gun Land?

In a prime example of shlock reporting, KSL News has managed to screw up a simple story.   They talked to a 3 people in putting this story together.  1.  Another KSL Reporter.  2.  Some dude from back east.  3.  An Anti-Gun Reporter named Gunn.  They didn’t talk to anyone else in Utah… like Utah Gun Owners.  They could have gone to any of the Dealers in Utah, talked to some Utah Instructors…  But they didn’t.  It’s as if they wanted to keep distance from the topic as much as possible.  The other thing that bugs me… KSL has called Utah, “Gun Land“.  This is a tag I’ve never heard.  So I did a search and the only reference to Gun Land, other than the Deseret News bit that was mentioned, was another article… this time from the SLC Tribune Blog, in an Opinion Piece. Continue reading Utah is Gun Land?

The Loathsome Cowboy

As most readers of MadOgre.com know, I am not a fan of Ken Salazar.  Ken serves under President Obama as the Secretary of the Interior.  This fact alone marks him as one that should not be trusted.  But now he has taken things a step further and has thumbed his nose at the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Michelle Malkin has the story about it.

The story that really isnt getting out however is even more infuriating.  Out here in the Uintah Basin, the Department of the Interior held an auction for 77 oil drilling leases.  The bids were won.  The payments were made.  But Ken Salazar hasn’t released the permits for drilling.  This is a game that the Department of the Interior has been playing for decades and decades, and Ken Salazar has basically crushed it, kept the money, and refuses to release those permits.   Some companies were not overly effected.  But others were crushed.  The results were some company failures and a lot of companies moving drilling operations to North Dakota.  The direct economic impact to my little corner of the planet was that we saw a Job Loss of 3,000 workers.

That’s not 3,000 jobs in the country… or in the state… That was 3,000 jobs here in this local area.   Think about that.   We had homes that went vacant all around town.  Foreclosures.  Repossessions.   Trickle down job losses, deep cuts across the board… financial stresses on families.  It ruined lives here.  It kicked my own personal economy below the belt, because all the sudden my best customers were unemployed or had moved away.   All because of Salazar.

This was devastating to the areas economy.  One could see this as an Administration’s punishment on Utah.  One could also see this as the work of a bitter, spiteful, and completely unlikable man from Colorado who has a grudge.

Not only is Ken Salazar immensely unlikeable, the man wears a Cowboy Hat and a String Tie.  No one wears that anymore.  That look went out with the TV show “Dallas”.    Get Rid of Salazar!