That’s your Dynasty?

The NDAA was passed into law. Meaning that the Government can sweep you up and lock you away indefinitely without due process. It’s pretty much the suspension of our constitutional rights. Innocent until proven guilty? Gone. Speedy trial? Gone. Right to face your accuser? Gone. The Constitution? It’s a foot note in the history books now.
But who cares? Some guy on a TV Reality Show got booted!
Republicans locked armed with Democrats and voted to cut the benefits and healthcare for Vets… But didn’t make any cuts on themselves… and of course, by the standing law they put into place, they will continue to get an increase ever year.
But who cares? Some guy on a TV Reality Show got booted?
And if they are not talking about Phil Robertson (Yeah, I know his name because I’ve met him. I’ve not watched his show) they are talking about Miley Circus shaking her boney ass.
What about Obama making up rules and changing laws at his own whim? The NSA is recording fucking everything… It’s all out of control.

I’m sorry but I thought I remember growing up and learning that we had 3 branches of the Government and that it was the Legislative Branch’s job to make the laws, and the Executive Branch’s job to enforce them, and then the Judicial Branch to make sure it was all legit.
All of this is a sad puppet show now. It’s political theatre… and the show is a Satire.

So maybe there is no difference anymore with talking about one Performer, Phil, or the other, Obama.

The Government makes me feel so greatly disappointed that guys like West and Mattis haven’t take shit over. There’s a Ticket I could vote for. Take it over, knock it down and hit the big red RESET button and put the laws back to how they were originally. Because it was pretty damn good then.
All men, created equal… That says it all right there.

15 thoughts on “That’s your Dynasty?”

  1. Obama’s real legacy was the destruction of checks & balances that the founding fathers built into the 3 government branches, to make sure that no one has more power than the other and doesn’t return back to a monarchy type rule…but here we are where 1 man makes up whatever rules he sees fit. What makes me sick is the acceptance of the comments that I hear from people about that the Constitution is a 200+ year old outdated document that is obsolete, but these same people cry when they claim 1st amendment rights get violated. They only accept it when it serves them but will tear it up in the name of modern progression.

    As a 100% disabled veteran, my family is affected by the BS that was passed and I keep hearing that Obama wants to cut Tricare benefits while raising premiums by 300+% because he says it isn’t fair to others that vets pay so little for health care. This is what happens when you get people who never served or knows what it means to serve or the meaning of honor who are running our country. Things have really gone in the toilet so fast since the last election that I honestly don’t believe that many things will be salvageable. My family relies solely on my benefits that I earned in the service of my country, now my country is turning its back on me and slowly throwing me in the trash. It almost makes me regret my choice that I made to make the military a career of almost 18 years.

    1. Mattitude, your service is NOT in vein. I thank you, I thank all of you who serve/served. Lets not give up who we are, and what we have… our rights, writen way back in 1776.
      George said it right “hit the big red RESET button” and start over from square one, and follow it exactly to the letter.

      1. Jerry, what rights are those, exactly? What are you going to do if Mattitude gets picked up by the government and thrown into the gulag for fomenting discontent? Complain on the internet?

        Hitting the big red RESET button is a neat idea. How do you propose to do that?

        1. Sjonnar, those “rights” in question are the ones outlined as the Bill of Rights in our Constitution. Nearly all 10 of them have ben violated, disregarded, and stomped upon by politicians for personal gain. And by abusing their power it enables fascist control over the American people.
          If Mattitude and many others are incarcerated for expressing their right to free speach, then that will be nothing more than fuel for the fire storm that is currently brewing. Perhaps, just perhaps it will be the catalyst needed to hit the big red RESET button.

          1. Will it? As you say, nearly all of those supposedly inviolable rights have been repeatedly violated by our government. For well over a hundred years, by the way; this is not a recent development. Please weigh in on my discussion with Ogre below. How much worse do you think it has to get?

  2. “… hit the big red RESET button and put the laws back to how they were originally.”

    During the Civil War, the president suspended Habeas Corpus so he could incarcerate journalists over their protestation against the war. Doesn’t seem substantially different than NDAA.

    The Alien and Sedition acts of 1798 also penalized people for having a negative opinion about the president and Congress.

    Japanese-American internment also happened.

    I’m not sure if there really were any good old days to return to.

  3. Ogre you feeling OK? Seems like a lot of recent posts are well…dark. To the point you had to redact them after responses….Just wondering After all the NDAA is not exactally new law…

    1. Feeling okay?
      I do feel dark. I’ve been working on Uprising Russia and touching on a great deal of darkness… It’s made me gloomy.
      I just watched “Riddick” and found it to be quite amusing.
      So no… I’m probably not feeling okay. I’ll be very happy to be done with Uprising Russia.
      Uprising China will be a redemption.

  4. Ogre, you make a good point with your reset button. At this point, i believe the only way to fix our society is to tear it down and start over from scratch. But answer me this: by what means would we do that?

      1. Neither do i. Or rather, i do not see a nonviolent means of fixing it. And i do know that most of us who want to hit that reset button are either military guys, many combat vets, who have seen war up close and personal in their own lifetimes, or history nerds who have read of the horrors of the civil war and American revolution. And most of us have no particular desire to bring that crap here, to our families and friends. (again)

        So now we have a political ruling class made up primarily of authoritarians and statists, most of whose families have held political power long enough to be considered dynasties, (see what i did there?) who constantly violate key provisions of our constitution to retain and/or exercise that power, and who are currently in the process of creating (assuming they haven’t already succeeded in creating) a vast socioeconomic underclass that is permanently dependent upon the government and will outvote any legal process to remove them from power.

        And they’re relying on the “gun crowd’s” and “military crowd’s” collective aversion to war and violence to protect them from being forcibly removed.

        Because are you ready to grab your guns and head to DC to arrest the president, congress, and supreme court? Is Jerry up there? Am i? And if not, then my next question for you to consider is: how much worse does it have to get before we are? Where is our line in the sand?

        1. Revolutions are not just lore from the past. And they don’t need complete and entire…or even armed populations to succeed.

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