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Let me tell you, I like Sarah Palin.  She’s a bit polarizing… of course that like saying that Cayenne Pepper is a bit hot.  But that’s one of the reasons I like her.  She flat out scares the Liberal Left.  She embodies everything the Liberals tend to hate on.  She gets Conservatives fired up, brings in the crowds, and brings in the funds. She is a serious political force to be reckoned with.  This is why there has been a concerted effort since the beginning to ruin her.   Much like Rush Limbaugh, “it’s cool” to dislike Sarah Palin.  To dislike Sarah Palin is to take the more politically aware higher ground.  As if there is a superiority factor to dislike her, and the Tea Party… just like using a Mac at a Starbucks. 

The Tea Party needs to be taken seriously as well.  Look at their Candidates in the last election… quite a few of them won, and some of those in areas that the GOP didn’t expect to win.  Sure, some lost…  but overall, the Tea Party won.

And this is why the GOP hates the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, probably as much as the Liberals do.  The GOP doesn’t want to be told what to do.   They want Business As Usual, which means they can spend and spend as long as they are Democrat Light and more “Centrist”.  They don’t like Sarah and the Tea Baggers trying to yank them back to the Right.    Yet look at what they did for the GOP… oh, the GOP will bank on them, and take full advantage of them for as long as they find any benefit.  But the GOP doesn’t want to be told how do to anything.  It’s obvious that while the Left didn’t get the message from the last election, the GOP didn’t get it either.

Sarah Palin cost the Election for John McCain?  Come on.  No one really liked John McCain.  His campaign was completely stagnate.  It was going no where.  Obama had all the rock and roll and McCain had a rocking chair.  He was the Last Choice for many Republicans.  But McCain won the Nomination because Republicans have Open Primaries and Democrats swayed those votes by coming in and voting for the most Democrat candidate.  The Dems picked the GOP’s nominee, which is why Conservatives held their nose on McCain.  And then came Sarah Palin.  And things changed.  All the sudden McCain’s Campaign started to get jazzed.  And in a lot of areas where Obama won, it was by tight margins.  Had it not been for Sarah, McCain would have been blown off the map completely.  A lot of people I know said “I didn’t vote for McCain, I voted for Sarah.”  I’m one of those people.

But Sarah quit her Governorship!   She quit because someone had to rescue the GOP.  She has to go around keeping Republicans pumped up.  Someone had to.  No one else was.   I’m not sure that there would even be a GOP left if it wasn’t for her.   Sarah steps on the stage, and there are crowds.  Crowds of people willing to open their wallets to donate… not because of the GOP candidates she’s supporting.  Because of Her.  She’s the queen of the Tea Party, and the Tea Party is growing.   Palin needs to be taken seriously.  Especially by the GOP.

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  1. George, I watched the video yesterday and had a grin plastered on my face the whole time.
    If Palin gets behind a good GOP candidate I dont see how they could lose.
    A LOT of people trash talk her, but the woman speaks to ME.
    She makes sense.
    She doesnt talk down to me.
    She has a lot, not all but a lot, of the same ideals and wants that I do.
    I see her as one of The People, and thats what we need in the big House.


    1. Oh, you are exactly right, Jim. Someone that has had to deal with a Family Budget, someone that has had executive experience, and someone that is a real person.
      Obama has always been a Post Turtle and an AssMuppet.

    2. We don’t (shouldn’t) elect candidates based on their likeability, do we? She’s completely clueless about anything in the world that truly matters. The fact anyone “likes” her enough to seriously consider her as a candidate as any except for a “mom.” speak volumes.

      She’s not knowledgeable enough to speak on any serious political issue. The fact you like her, you or anyone else, really means just a few things. Either you have the same lack of knowledge, OR you have not really listened to her speak on anything of importance. BEFORE backing someone, why not really see what they are all about? And, no, I’m no fan of McCain, or O’Bama, either.

      1. Actually, she makes a lot more sense than the Media acknowledges. You just have to get over the fact that the Left hates her guts.

  2. “assmuppet”! I LOLed. Yes, I did. Right out loud.

    And it fits so perfectly.

    Thanks, George.

      1. Yeah, here in NH, no one seems to know what “hot” is. Supermarket will have a dozen varieties of mild and a dozen varieties of medium salsa, and one dusty jar of hot…

        Have to order peppers and such online…

  3. I did not vote for John McCain, I voted for Palin.

    Who is conservative, not a lefty Bushbeater.

  4. I’ve never understood the regard with which conservatives in the ’48 seem to hold Palin, considering that during her time in power up here, she governed like a tax and spend liberal. Far from “drill, baby drill” she declared war on the oil companies, and conspired with the democrats (and more than a few repubs who were afraid to resist) to institute a “windfall profits tax” on the north slope producers that is the envy of liberals nationwide. When the price of oil is high, Alaska literally has the highest marginal tax rate of all the oil producing regions of the world. The current governor and the state house are now locked in a fight with the democrats and liberal republicans who run the state senate to try to bring some sanity back to the tax structure, but it isn’t exactly going well. And in the meantime, there is very little new drilling going on in Alaska, which is benefitting places like North Dakota where there is less disincentive to invest.

    I doubt if Sarah gives a shit about any of that, since it is no longer her problem; she’s moved on to bigger and better things. Ultimately I think the reason she has been so successful on the national stage, is because she is the right’s version of Obama. That is, she is a blank slate that people project whatever they want to see onto, and as long as she keeps telling them what they want to hear, they aren’t interested in examining her record, and finding out what she has actually stood for.

  5. Netpackrat has a point and it is well taken.

    That is one of the things about her that has bothered me.

    I am a Sarah fan and I like her talk. But she is somewhat of an unknown quantity.

    Until I hear her commit to run, I won’t worry about it.

    Not that it much matters. The Economy has been flushed down the toilet and no President or Political party is going to prevent what is coming.

    We will default and with that will come much pain. Only its duration can be minimized now and that is only if the Republic can survive the test.

    All you can do now is prepare now for the worst.

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