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Congratulations to Maryland.  A Federal Judge has deemed their unfair and restrictive permitting system to be unconstitutional.  We’very yet to see what actual changes this will bring to that state… But its positive… A step in the right direction.
Congratulations to my Brother for finally getting his permit paperwork done… He too will soon have his permit.
Another step in the right direction. 
But where is this direction heading?  What is the goal?
How about living in a free country where we don’t need a permit to exercise a constitutional right?  It’s a right, not a privilege… We don’t have Church Permits… Speech Permits… A pass from Quartering troops.  But the one right that specifically says Shall Not Be Infringed, so boldly… is chained around the neck with Permits.
We don’t require permits to buy beer… Permits to engage in vice… To have babies… But to carry with you the means if self defense we’ve allowed our states to infringe upon us.
I call upon every State Representative in Utah, and every other State, to drop all permits and recognize the Second Amendment at face value… Adopt Constitution Carry and recognize that right for citizens of other States.

I find this highly offensive

The only Assault going on here is the assault on Lawful Gun Owners. The Brady Campaign needs to remember that Gun Owners tend to be Voters and are politically aware.
Let’s also note that there is no such thing as “Assault Clips”. So anytime you hear anyone say that… Correct them. There is no such thing for one, for the other – it’s a magazine not a clip. Then remind them that the Assault Weapons Ban did NOTHING to curb crime when Clinton did it. And when the ban sunsetted and went away – Violence and Crime didn’t go up.

The other thing that’s offensive is the blocking of firearm related websites. MadOgre.com is often blocked because of weapons related posts. What’s offensive is that in a lot of these places that block gun sites – they don’t block pornography. Porn is OKAY, but Guns are a No-No. THAT is highly offensive. So much so, that there should be a Class Action Lawsuit. Firearms are protected by the Constitution, perfectly legal… yet some how more seedy than porn? Which would you rather have your employees looking at while at work? Information about a gun or gun safety, or barely legal teen lesbians? Come on.

Utah is Gun Land?

In a prime example of shlock reporting, KSL News has managed to screw up a simple story.   They talked to a 3 people in putting this story together.  1.  Another KSL Reporter.  2.  Some dude from back east.  3.  An Anti-Gun Reporter named Gunn.  They didn’t talk to anyone else in Utah… like Utah Gun Owners.  They could have gone to any of the Dealers in Utah, talked to some Utah Instructors…  But they didn’t.  It’s as if they wanted to keep distance from the topic as much as possible.  The other thing that bugs me… KSL has called Utah, “Gun Land“.  This is a tag I’ve never heard.  So I did a search and the only reference to Gun Land, other than the Deseret News bit that was mentioned, was another article… this time from the SLC Tribune Blog, in an Opinion Piece. Continue reading Utah is Gun Land?