Cain is Out

I’m not happy about Cain dropping out.  I’m not surprised either.  Cain really was one of the best options and would have made a great President.
This leaves Mitt and Newt.  Sounds more like a Sit-Com than a Presidential race.  The upshot is that either one will do just fine… A Hell of a lot better than what we’ve had.  Neither of them are the perfect choice… Then again, there is no perfect choice.  People with the flawless backgrounds, the good upbringing, history, and the brains to really run things… They are busy actually running things and not running races.
So we end up with The Mitt & Newts Show.
I think I’d rather see Newt win than Mitt.  But Mitt would do a good job.

13 thoughts on “Cain is Out”

  1. I’m not really surprised either. Just running puts your family in a lime light they could never fully expect. Add in all these accusations with no one offering evidence and you get more than you bargained for. It drives me nuts that they only did this to Cain. He had a decent chance and the last thing Obama wants is to run against another black man so he doesn’t have the race card to play. Then there’s the fact that no one is bringing up any evidence. Without it they are just baseless accusations.

    1. No, Obama didn’t want to run against a Real black man. He isnt called the Halfrican for nothing. So The Machine killed his chances to make sure that didn’t happen.

  2. I had my fingers crossed for Cain from the start.
    Not so sound like an isolationist… but we need to focus on the US a lot more than the other countries out there.
    I think he would have done a damn good job.
    It is saddening to me that you dont have to have proof, you just have to make a statement or accusation.
    Someone makes scandalous accusations, and thats really all you get to talk about.


  3. I’m not surprised either. What does amaze me is that in this day and age, a guy with that many skeletons in the closet really thought he could run and have nobody dig them out. Anyone that runs with stuff like that in their past is running purely on hopes and dreams.

    As far as Mitt, come on, that guy is nothing more than a white, pseudo-republican Obama. His background mirrors Obama’s closely from gun control (signed an AWB into law) to health care. (his Romney care is the model for Obama care) Now, I believe that we have only seen a glimpse of how bad our current Socialist In Chief can be, but it’s hardly a consolation that where Obama would be an atrocity, Romney would be a nightmare. It’s a little like the decision between being punched in the face and being punched in the gut by Manny Pacquiao. The true issue with Romney is that, like Obama now, his uber-liberal policies would fail and drag us deeper into the abyss, but then the dems and libs could blame the horror on the right and the GOP, resulting in a landslide lib victory in the future.

  4. I remember reading a very well-written paper once concerning the psychology of power.
    In a nutshell, it pointed out why anyone who would WANT to be POTUS should immediately be disqualified from running. The individual desire for that much power being dangerous in and of itself.
    It changed the way I look at presidential candidates forever.

  5. You right that leave Mitt and Newt. Oh yeah amd that other guy that right in the middle f the two in the latested Iowas poll. That’s right the pecking order is now Newt, Paul, Romney. Let the main stream media do the forgetting about the second place spot please.

      1. Could he be unelectable because the media has made it so? He is the ONLY candidate that wants this nation to return to a Constitutional Republic. Simply because he says he wants to do as the Constitution instructs the Government to do the media has made him out to be an extremist. What do his detractors have against a Constitional Republic that has minimal Government intrusion into their every day lives? Read the document and compare the views of all the GOP candidates and see who is telling the truth.

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