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  1. She may be an evil witch but it sounds like Newt has got some skeletons in the closet that might get released to the media by some “anonymous government source.” Democrats/republicans, they are all the same; bunch of money hungry lawyers looking out for themselves and their cronies. They play hardball in front of the cameras then party together when nobody is looking. Makes me sick. Vote the bums out.

  2. And then, there can be ethics complaints against Pelosi, and if we’re really lucky, she’ll get impeached and booted for violation of those House rules. It’s bad enough she made millions on “legal” insider information in her trading of VISA stock. What a crook!

  3. Oh, to answer the question:

    Very, very low. Lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut on the highway to hell.

  4. No news here re Polosi…except due warning for those who think Newt should be the nominee.

    He resigned for a reason. A few years later and a couple million richer from Freddie and he wants to be President of the USA. Rod Blagojevich thinks that is ridiculous…

  5. Well Newt thanked Pelosi for the early Christmas gift and pointed out that revealing closed hearings violates House Rules. Also He said opening up the complete records of the hearings would show just how partisan the make up of that committee was. Comment of the day, Pelosi brings a knife to a gun fight. Pelosi’s insider real estate deals are going to be brought up.
    Actually I think it is a bit to early to anoint anyone. Though from what I’m getting on the aggregate polling data indicates a diseased camel could beat Obama right now.

  6. Not that I like her, but if Pelosi is feeding off the bottom and it’s Newt’s bad deeds she’s feeding on, where does that place Newt… down in those same scummy depths. Something about every time Newt opens his mouth irritates me. He’s establishment with a smirk. I’m with AJ, they all need to go.

      1. And why would they? Nobody with a shred of concern for their family would willingly subject them to the crap candidates are subjected to these days. Between the competition and the press, nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits. Most people were unaware that FDR could not walk without crutches. He was always photographed either sitting or standing behind a podium. The press knew, but they kept it to themselves. It didn’t matter to how well he did the job.

        Now? They’ll find dirt on anybody, and if they can’t find any, they’ll imply that they found something, but can’t elaborate right now. Keep repeating it, and pretty soon the fact that nothing exists doesn’t matter. Just that something was allegedly there but got squashed. Yeah, that will do. Reputation ruined.

      2. Good people can run. They just need to not be afraid of a fight, and have a family willing to back them up.

        Which is what will happen when you go for the top job.

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