The more I hear Cain… the more I like him. ¬†Perry continues to fall from my favor. I especially didn’t like Perry’s accusation that Romney leaked Cain’s past issue after all evidence pointed at Perry’s camp. ¬†That was very Jr. High of Perry.

Cain just looks better and better.

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  1. I’ve been solidly behind Cain since the first debate where he pulled the zinger out, when asked about his lack of political experience, he said that politicians have been in charge for ages and “How’s THAT working for you?”

    I’ve been getting a smidge concerned about his foreign policy lacks, but I don’t think they’re as massive as some folks are making them out to be. We’re hurting, and we really need a president that focuses the vast majority of his efforts inwardly while getting someone solid to handle the State department.

    Hm. Wonder if Condi Rice is available for a second round?

  2. Mr. Cain has dumfounded the critics. It is likely because he refuses to fold before their unsubstantiated charges. What would U do in that case???

    When and until they finally get someone to actually accuse him of something to which he can reply, we MIGHT worry about his qualifications to be president(or not).

    The Left is always tied up in the concept of the severity of the charge instead of the concept guilt (or Not).

    May they involve themselves in an inhuman relationship with a chicken or goat.

    1. Accusations from 15 years ago that were resolved legally… brought up just when he becomes an actual contender. That’s some bullshit. And Cain is handling it. Perry is looking like an ass.
      Romney is actually looking pretty good too right now. At this point it’s a Two Horse Race for the GOP Nomination.

      1. Neither Romney nor Cain has any military experience. Yes, I know Cain worked for the Navy, I’ve been a soldier and a DoD Civilian, it ain’t the same!

        Perry has all the requirements I believe are necessary, and he seems to be self-destructing.

        Who supposes it’s too late for Colin Powell and Keys…

  3. I like that Cain has real-world experience, and more importantly, SUCCESS, in the private sector, which Obama completely lacks.

    It bothers me, however, that Cain has NO, and therefore LESS, political experience than Obama….which, let’s face it, has been an issue.

  4. +1 on Cain here as well. He has all the makings of another Reagan. I am excited by him. His lack of professional political experience is a plus with me.

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