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Jeb Bush and the GOP

1450731_10201883299977559_382447294_n (1)I don’t like Jeb Bush. He’s not just a RINO, but he’s everything I don’t like about politicians rolled up one big fat burrito that the GOP may try to choke us with. He’s another Big Government RINO and we’ve more than enough of those.
The GOP is so completely full of fail that I’d be laughing if this wasn’t happening in my own country.

I am really seeing less and less of a distinction between the two parties. I’m quite disappointed in both… but especially the Republicans.
It’s going to come down between Jeb Bush and Chris Christie… Just watch. Or worse – they are The Ticket.
I tell you what, I keep hearing about Belize… Belize is sounding better and better all the time. Because the USA is looking more and more hopeless.
The fact that I am even thinking like that just pisses me slam off. Because I love this Country. I love America. But America is making some really bad decisions… our Government needs a Factory Reset.
1. We need Voter ID laws passed in every state.
2. We need Closed Primaries. Only Party Members should vote for party candidates.
3. We need Congressional Term Limits. 4 years, 2 Terms Max.
4. We need Congressional Pay, Benefits, and Pensions dramatically cut. Pay should be capped at 80,000, Benefits limited to only during their term of service, and Pensions – no – No Pensions at all. Because serving should be a Service and not a Career.
We do those 4 things… And I believe the Government will clean its self up as the Rats will seek out other ships.


So just who is Rick Santorum?  What has he done to make him qualified to be president? 
I want to hear from people from his home state… You guys tell me.  I want to hear from first hand sources.
I know he’s conservative and pro second.  That’s it.  Now he’s a front runner.

Iowa Caucus.

I have a big problem with the Republican Caucuses.  A lot of people who showed up had no Party Affiliation, or affiliations with parties other than the GOP.  If this is a GOP Party Caucus – the only people voting  should be members of the GOP, and I’d even go so far as to say Dues Paid, Card Carrying Members.

Letting these Primaries be open like they are – Non-Republicans are picking the Republican Candidates.  And no one in the GOP has a problem with this?  This is why we had McStain last time!

Sarah Palin

Let me tell you, I like Sarah Palin.  She’s a bit polarizing… of course that like saying that Cayenne Pepper is a bit hot.  But that’s one of the reasons I like her.  She flat out scares the Liberal Left.  She embodies everything the Liberals tend to hate on.  She gets Conservatives fired up, brings in the crowds, and brings in the funds. She is a serious political force to be reckoned with.  This is why there has been a concerted effort since the beginning to ruin her.   Much like Rush Limbaugh, “it’s cool” to dislike Sarah Palin.  To dislike Sarah Palin is to take the more politically aware higher ground.  As if there is a superiority factor to dislike her, and the Tea Party… just like using a Mac at a Starbucks.  Continue reading Sarah Palin