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Pistol Braces

I am quite tempted to get an AR-15 Pistol and but a “Arm Brace” on it.   Because I love SBR’s but hate the red tape that goes will them.   Here’s the thing though, and the reason I am hesitant about this… The ATF has changed it’s mind in the past about things and there is no reason that they couldn’t change their mind on this.  This “Brace” thing looks too much like a stock, even if it isn’t.  For some reason.

Because I look at these things… and the first thing that comes to mind is “Stock”.  It just does.  It has the profile of a stock and you can shoulder it like a stock, so realistically, what’s the difference?  I’m afraid at some point in the future, the ATF is going to change their mind on these and all the sudden you are going have an illegal SBR on your hands.   Or even worse, you can be well within the guide lines and yet some local Officer Captain America is going to see it and declare it to be an SBR and arrest you and confiscate the “pistol”.   Because Cops in general, do not have the best track record of knowing all the ins and outs of Gun Laws.   We would think that they do, and a lot of them really do… but some don’t.  MAC talks about being That Guy, well, there is always That Cop.  And you don’t want to be that guy that meets That Cop.    Especially considering that these things could be legally reversed overnight.

What we need to do is just get rid of the Barrel Length restrictions on rifles and shotguns.   Just do away with those line items in the NFA.  And well, if we are doing away with those, let’s just toss out the NFA altogether because it’s a package of regulations that only serve to create infringements and stumbling blocks for things you can still get if you are willing to jump through the hoops.  So they effectively do nothing but piss us off.

So I’m going to avoid a potential ATF trap with these Braces.

There Can Be Only One?

I see it happen all the time.  And it’s sad.  At the gun counter, there lay two beautiful guns.  One perhaps a little flashier, one a little more duty oriented… and the guy looking at them is terribly conflicted.  You see, he’s been fed a lie all his life and now it’s become a moral dilemma for him.


It’s a trick question.  The correct answer is BOTH.   You don’t have to pick just one.  And honestly, if there is an moral question here, it’s that you believe you can’t have and love both.  You have more than one kid, you can love them all, right?  You own more than one Motorcycle, you can love each one for their respective qualities and that doesn’t diminish one or the other.

So when you are looking at those guns and having a hard time deciding… Get Both.


They can both be your huckleberry.    You don’t have to pick just one.  THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE!

Okay, now say you do have a heart large enough to love both.  And a Visa Card that winked and nodded that “It’s alright”… and you go for it.  Know this… You may still fill out the same ATF Form 4473, but the dealer then has to fill out another form.  All the same information… what guns and their serial numbers, and all your information… and that form is either scanned and emailed, or faxed directly to the ATF.  They have to do this if you buy more than one handgun within 7 days.  You can bet the ATF is keeping that information.  Putting it all in a database.  I’m not saying this is “Registration”.  But it’s registered.  You might want to space those guns out a little.  Take one home.  Then 10 days later, take the other one home.  The ATF can already go to the shop and look at and copy the 4473’s… but at least they are not getting them sent directly.

Confederate States

A lot of people are getting excited about this Secession Movement that has become popular.  There are Petitions for State Secession from every state now… with Texas of course leading the charge.
To withdraw a State from the Union has never happened before – successfully.  You guys may remember the Civil War.  It didn’t end well for The South.
While a new Civil War may be likely… or at least more likely than ever before.  This is not a good thing to hope for.  This is not a thing that we want to happen.  Bloodshed on an industrial scale is something that should be avoided at all costs.
But what about the fun little thing of just “Sending a Message” to Washington DC?
Ever heard of the No Fly List?
Now take a look at the ATF Form 4473.  One of the questions is regarding Renouncing of Citizenship.  It would be very easy for the ATF to get these Petitions and use them to create a NO BUY List.  Use sign that Petition and all the sudden you find one day that you are on a NO BUY List.  You can’t get your name off that list, you can’t even check if you are on it to begin with… no one can see that list.  But your State’s BCI will have it and when you run a Gun Check… Bang.  There it is.  You can’t buy a gun because you are on The List.  Sorry, nothing you can do about it.  Just like when you try to Fly… Sorry, I know you already purchased that ticket and it’s not refundable… but you can’t get on the plane.  Sorry, Policy.   And at that point, there is nothing you can say or do that will get you on that plane.   Or in the case of trying to buy that gun, nothing you say or do will allow the Dealer to be able to sell you that gun if BCI says no.
You know why this is Possible?  Because I’d do it if I was an asshole like everyone in the Obama Administration.
If I wanted to effect Gun Control on those people who want FREEDOM and disrupt the Gun Industry as much as possible… I’d make that No Buy List.  And those people have all already Signed Up for it.

Look at what it would do to the Industry.  If you are not legal to buy a gun, you can’t work in the gun industry… Not where there are firearms around.  We’ve had to let an Employee go because he was not legal to buy a gun.  According to the ATF, he couldn’t work with us anymore.  Not even in shipping and receiving.  Certainly not in Sales.  Not even stocking ammo.  A No Buy List would gut many gun companies… Especially if you were in a State that, such as Texas, made enough noise to really irritate DC and they wanted some Pay Back.
Now say the State does leave the Union.  Now you will have to have a Passport to go visit to or from.  You want a Springfield and you live in Texas, now you have to Import it.  Everything become more expensive and complicated.   And what about just Ammo?
It sounds all good, but when you think about it… it’s really NOT a good thing.  Not unless multiple states in a large district are all able to withdraw peacefully – which is not likely at all.
But let’s just say that Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana all withdraw.  Say we have that chunk of a new Confederate State of America.
It would be very tempting to move there.  Even though I swore my Oath to the United State of America… and that Oath never Expires until I do… It would be a painful, hard choice.  But still tempting.   Because I could see myself going to Arizona.  I’ve lived in Texas before as well.  It would be tempting.
But I am not ever signing any such petition.  Ever.  Not with this Administration.    Not when Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama have access to such a list.   There is just too much room for Evil to be had there.

Institutionalized Racism.

I hate this sort of stuff.  Institutionalized Racism is pretty much standard issue with our Governments.

The ATF Form 4473 is a shining example of this.  Check boxes for RACE.  These always piss me off… because Celtic isn’t a choice.  I guess all us White Guys look alike to them, eh?

It’s not just the Feds because the State of Utah has this as well when we are doing the Web Check after a customer fills out the 4473.  But Utah doesn’t have “Latino/Hispanic” as a choice, so we were told we put those guys in as “White”.

Well, now the 4473 has a question with two check boxes separate from the other Ethnic question.  “Are you Latino/Hispanic or not?”  This is question 10A I think?  Well you look in the other pages where it explains the questions, every question is there save for those.  Guess you are on your own.  Well I have Black and Indian in my Ancestry.  None of their skin shading, but the blood is there… So from now on, I am checking all those boxes… Because you can now.  Instead of having to pick just one, you can check all that apply.  Game on.

I don’t like this new version of the form and I think those questions should go away altogether.  They should also be removed from every government database, form, questionnaire, and census.  We have a Black President.  We can put Racism behind us now.  How about just one simple Yes or No question?

“Are you AMERICAN?”

That’s all we need to know.  Race doesn’t matter.  Color doesn’t matter.  What country your family came from a dozen generations ago… That doesn’t matter.  You can keep your Culture, you can keep Tradition.  But in the Great Melting Pot… Your AMERICAN and that’s it.

Time for a New Deck for your Race Cards

Congratulations to the Latino Community.  The State of Utah has elevated Latinos from a Minority to “White”.  Yes, all of you Latinos might be “Beaners” in other States… but in Utah, you are White just like every other Cracker here. At least when it comes to buying firearms.

On the ATF Form 4473, there are the required Race Boxes.  Everyone must be shoehorned into a different category to fit in a check box.  Now, Utah dealers would then take that form and go to the computer and log into the BCI’s secure Web Check.  There are other races to select save for Latino… Asian, Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native… yada yada yada but not Latino.  There was a box for “Unknown”.  Most dealers would just select that.   Well, know it’s established that Latinos are still Latino on the 4473, according to the Feds, but they are White according to the state of Utah.

I am of the opinion that this system needs to be revamped.  We should have more selections… for example, I’m Celtic… a mix of Scot and Irish.  There is no Celtic check box.  What about the different white folks from Eastern Europe that are not Celtic? Better yet, let’s just have a Color Spectrum and you just drag the indicator to the color that matches the gun buyer.  Either that  or we get rid of the RACE selections altogether… because its pretty stupid to continue any institutionalized racism.  You are either an American Citizen, or you are not.  Simple as that.  And there is already a check box for that.

Mexico wants the ATF

For those following the SNAFU called Operation Fast and Furious, aka Project Gunwalker by the guys that busted this case wide open… The situation has taken an interesting twist.

Mexico wants to put the officials on trial in Mexico.   Considering the violence and damage this has done to Mexico, I am willing to let them have them.    The ATF willingly armed violent criminals in Mexico.  While normally I don’t like the idea of another country extriditing Americans to be tried in a foreign country… this was clearly an offense against Mexico and I think they have every right to do this.

Operation Fast and Furious is a clear violation of the laws they themselves were tasked to enforce.   The ATF has invalidated their charter… the reason for their existence was to prevent this very thing, and here they are the ones doing it.   Do we need a new agency to keep guns out of the hands of the ATF?

So here is the real question.  Who is more irrelevant, useless, dangerous, and needs to be done away with ASAP:  The ATF or the UN?

David Codrea

Credit is not always given where credit is due. All the news about the ATF’s SNAFU… it’s all sourced from our friend David Codrea, who broke this story wide open and now has all the Media Outlets tapping his information. But not all of them are attributing him as the source. Some have… and that’s great. But if it wasn’t for David’s persistent hard work – The American People would not have known about this gigantic violation of Trust.
I’ve had a link to one of his sites – War On Guns – for years.  Go to that blog and in his column on the left side, scroll down and you see links for the whole enchilada on Project Gunwalker… and evidently you’ll know more about it than the head of the BATFE.

Thank you, David, for your diligence and all your hard work.