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Time for a New Deck for your Race Cards

Congratulations to the Latino Community.  The State of Utah has elevated Latinos from a Minority to “White”.  Yes, all of you Latinos might be “Beaners” in other States… but in Utah, you are White just like every other Cracker here. At least when it comes to buying firearms.

On the ATF Form 4473, there are the required Race Boxes.  Everyone must be shoehorned into a different category to fit in a check box.  Now, Utah dealers would then take that form and go to the computer and log into the BCI’s secure Web Check.  There are other races to select save for Latino… Asian, Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native… yada yada yada but not Latino.  There was a box for “Unknown”.  Most dealers would just select that.   Well, know it’s established that Latinos are still Latino on the 4473, according to the Feds, but they are White according to the state of Utah.

I am of the opinion that this system needs to be revamped.  We should have more selections… for example, I’m Celtic… a mix of Scot and Irish.  There is no Celtic check box.  What about the different white folks from Eastern Europe that are not Celtic? Better yet, let’s just have a Color Spectrum and you just drag the indicator to the color that matches the gun buyer.  Either that  or we get rid of the RACE selections altogether… because its pretty stupid to continue any institutionalized racism.  You are either an American Citizen, or you are not.  Simple as that.  And there is already a check box for that.