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Pistol Braces

I am quite tempted to get an AR-15 Pistol and but a “Arm Brace” on it.   Because I love SBR’s but hate the red tape that goes will them.   Here’s the thing though, and the reason I am hesitant about this… The ATF has changed it’s mind in the past about things and there is no reason that they couldn’t change their mind on this.  This “Brace” thing looks too much like a stock, even if it isn’t.  For some reason.

Because I look at these things… and the first thing that comes to mind is “Stock”.  It just does.  It has the profile of a stock and you can shoulder it like a stock, so realistically, what’s the difference?  I’m afraid at some point in the future, the ATF is going to change their mind on these and all the sudden you are going have an illegal SBR on your hands.   Or even worse, you can be well within the guide lines and yet some local Officer Captain America is going to see it and declare it to be an SBR and arrest you and confiscate the “pistol”.   Because Cops in general, do not have the best track record of knowing all the ins and outs of Gun Laws.   We would think that they do, and a lot of them really do… but some don’t.  MAC talks about being That Guy, well, there is always That Cop.  And you don’t want to be that guy that meets That Cop.    Especially considering that these things could be legally reversed overnight.

What we need to do is just get rid of the Barrel Length restrictions on rifles and shotguns.   Just do away with those line items in the NFA.  And well, if we are doing away with those, let’s just toss out the NFA altogether because it’s a package of regulations that only serve to create infringements and stumbling blocks for things you can still get if you are willing to jump through the hoops.  So they effectively do nothing but piss us off.

So I’m going to avoid a potential ATF trap with these Braces.

An interesting Stock

You gotta be careful with all the aftermarket crap out there. A Safe bet is MagPul, their stuff is always pretty dang good. One company that I think is really Hit or Miss, is Mako. These are the cats bringing in stuff from FAB Defense… Israeli made stuff. None of it’s bad, it’s just that I don’t really care for a lot of it, but they do make some stuff that I really like. Such as some of their Vertical Foregrips. I also like the fact that they put a Rubber pad on their stocks. Not they AR weapons need a rubber recoil pad, but that it keeps the gun from slipping on the shoulder, or when your just trying to stand it up against something. Non-Slip has it’s advantages. Well, the other day we got in some of these new GL-MAG stocks. I put a couple of them on some Combo AR’s I put together and several of us tried it out. The concept is simple… The stock holds a spare mag. It comes with a nice little 10 round mag, but I’d rather keep a 20 rounder in there of a more reliable make… but there it is. A second mag well to keep some emergency rounds at hand.

Gotta love Double Tapper. Great guy. I like how he demonstrates the mag changes. But notice how the 10 round mag about disappears in that grip funnel on his mag well? This is a case where the 20 rounder would be ideal.
It seems to be a good solid M4 stock alternative and retails for about 110 bucks. I like it. It’s more functional that the Magpul stocks, that’s for sure.