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Mexico wants the ATF

For those following the SNAFU called Operation Fast and Furious, aka Project Gunwalker by the guys that busted this case wide open… The situation has taken an interesting twist.

Mexico wants to put the officials on trial in Mexico.   Considering the violence and damage this has done to Mexico, I am willing to let them have them.    The ATF willingly armed violent criminals in Mexico.  While normally I don’t like the idea of another country extriditing Americans to be tried in a foreign country… this was clearly an offense against Mexico and I think they have every right to do this.

Operation Fast and Furious is a clear violation of the laws they themselves were tasked to enforce.   The ATF has invalidated their charter… the reason for their existence was to prevent this very thing, and here they are the ones doing it.   Do we need a new agency to keep guns out of the hands of the ATF?

So here is the real question.  Who is more irrelevant, useless, dangerous, and needs to be done away with ASAP:  The ATF or the UN?

Operation Gunwalker? More Gun Control!

So the Democrats response to the ATF’s SNAFU, we’re calling Operation Gunwalker, is to bring up the need for more Gun Control. If that makes any sense to you, please don’t ever come back to MadOgre.com again.

I have a better solution to prevent this from happening again – Don’t let the ATF have, possess, deal with, or even look at any Firearms.  They can’t even have a copy of Guns & Ammo while on Duty.   This situation is so bad, that any and all claim to have done any good whatsoever as an Agency… is completely undone by the damage that this situation has done.    You have Agents that protested.  You have Dealers that protested.  You have Administrators who protested, and you have a Chief that claims he didn’t know anything.  He’s either shockingly stupid, or infuriatingly incompetent.  Or both.  A, B, or C, the response is the same.  The BATFE Chief needs to be dismissed.  No allowing him to Step Down.  I mean kicked out of his office, Perp Walked out of the building, and thrown physically to the street.     But that’s not what the Democrats want.  They want more Gun Control.  Basically giving the BATFE more power.  This is like giving a Drunk Driver who just crashed a Double Rum and Coke and the keys to a faster car.   Is the DNC completely staffed by morons?

Yes, I think they are.