8 thoughts on “White House plans more Gun Control.”

  1. Shameless, and panicky, in part because the fund raising for 2012 is not going well. They are trying to appeal to the rich left gun control crowd. Numerous business and other groups that they have demonized or who they made promises to that they didn’t keep are withholding money.
    They have to get money now before things blow completely up in the next few months. It is suspected that money is needed not just for campaigning but to buy golden parachutes to keep insiders “sweet” and buy places to land for those who look likely to be kicked out of office in 2012.

  2. There have been some calls for the dissolusion of the ATF,
    and while I wouldn’t shed a single tear if they were to go,
    Dumping the ATF would not get rid of the onerous laws which
    they enforce.
    Who then would enforce them ? I’m betting that the fact that the ATFs
    territory is already covered by overlapping federal and local jursdictions
    would go ‘unnoticed’
    So who would then be chosen to step into the ‘gap’ left by the ATFs
    dissaperance ?
    Who wants to lay bets that homeland security would be tapped for that ?
    Do we really waqnt them to be responsible for enforcing firearms regulations ?

    1. Sometimes it really is a case of “better the devil you know than the one you don’t.”

      Which is not to say, of course, that ATF wouldn’t benefit greatly from a huge ‘reform’. (As would most federal departments, agencies and bureaus, post-D’OHbama.)

    2. I would expect the States to keep their own council, and continue to use the FBI database as they are doing.
      All the ATF does is drop in on dealers and fine them for not dotting their i’s.

  3. The gun stores have never been the real problem, they were just easy targets for lazy ideological driven bureaucrats to bully.

  4. They are saying this (Gun Walker) will be bigger than Iran Contra, we will see and one can hope! I have worked with ATF agents on and off for nearly 30 years and I have never met ONE that I would trust farther than I Could throw their building.

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